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Ohayou, it´s now about 10 am and I´ve been home for about an hour. The night was spent at Ageha, Asia’s supposedly biggest nightclub. Which lies in Shinkiba along the water. It´s ridiculousy beautiful, especially at dawn when the sun rises over the skyscrapers of Tokyo and makes the river all glittery.

It´s by far the best club I´ve been at so far and I had a really good time, and it´s really easy to talk to people there since they´re all really friendly. Another really good thing is that the music isn´t unnecessarily loud, you can actually speak to people, even on the dance floors which seems impossible at most places:)

Later today, after a few hours of sleep, we will have our soccer match between our guest house and the guest house of the city right next to ours. I´m sure it´ll be really fun, I just hope we can actually get a team together, since we just found out about the game before we headed out yesterday evening.

Anywho, back to Ageha, my favorite part was the outside dace floor, which was around a pool, I loved it due to the fact that it was close to the water, and as I stated before, it was a really beautiful place to dance and talk to people at, the music was also the best there, so win win:)


Close your eyes ~

yohoi, I´ve recently started to listen to Gackts newer songs again with the band YFC, Yellow fried chickenz. I saw them last year in Stockholm but I´ve never really listed to them after that concert, It was good, it really was, but for some reason I decided to neglect them due to the fact that I treasure what Gackt used to be, for some reason I told myself that he were different now. But some of the songs really are hauntingly beautiful so shame on me. I really do love watching the older concert dvd´s but this is just as good, Gackt will always be, chacha as well. Anywho, I´ll just share a video and then I´ll end the late night music rambling.

Apart from that, The golden week is coming up, we have our test in school tomorrow and then we´re off for an entire week, which feels great:), This Tuesday was spent in Harajuku, where I A: bought a phone, and B: shopped at H&M as well as grosso, a bag, 4 shirts and pants.

Saturday will apparently be spent at some famous night club that I don´t even know the name of, I´m sure it´ll be fun though. Apart from that I´m done with this weeks psychology and I´m back into my gymming routine.  2am, and there´s school tomorrow so,

Love, Simon~

Me time~

Yesterday was the first day in one and a half week where I actually felt as if I could just put everything aside and focus on what´s important, which would be myself. School is well under way and apart from that I´m currently in the process of writing the home exam for my psychology course, which leaves me with less spare time than I´d like during the weeks, but it´ll all be over within the next few weeks and from there on everything will be peachy~

So yesterday, as always, started with school til 5pm. Afterwards I met up with some friends and spent the evening till 11 or so at a 300yen Izakaya, I then returned to Warabi by 12 just to head out again with some other friends to a more local relatively new sports bar, even though I have no interest in sports whatsoever. But it was actually a pretty neat place and the bartender was really cute, so there.

Monday means new student loans, which will be more then welcomed. Item nr1 on my purchase list is finally a cell phone. I can´t believe I´ve waited this long. Apart from that I do want to shop some clothes, but I won´t overdo it this month, just a few essentials~


Spring break is almost over, so I figured that I should sum the highlights, and I´ll start with the most recent ones which would be last Sunday aka yesterday. Where all of us from the guesthouse went over to Warabi Park to enjoy the festival with a Hanami Party. It was ridiculously beautiful and very very fun, especially the traditional japanese dances that we jumped into and learned by doing:) The park itself is on the other side of Warabi Station from the guesthouse, so it´s around a 30 minute walk from here, which is pretty okay. There were a bunch of performances on the small stage, everything from kabuki to young girls displaying choreography. I´ll include some photo´s in the gallery among with others.

There´s also a couple of new photo´s from the Tsukuba San trip, which was the highlight of the break. Thankfully not from my camera phone but from a friends camera.

Apart from the Hanami and hiking, there´s been a few birthdays and nights outs and whatnots, the usual really. Along with several weekly trips  to Arakawa.

When it comes to the school work, I´ve kept my pace in the psychology course, so there´s just the final examination left, which is a home exam starting on the 19th this month. And even though I haven´t really read ahead in the Japanese course material, I have rehearsed all the kanji´s and I´ve studied more unrelated words instead.

When it comes to Japanese Dramas, I´ve just finished Hotaru no Hikari season 1, which is a drama that is more funny than sad, and the humour is really funny, and I´m just about to start on season 2:) Apart from that, My favorite kanji is Ashita, aka tomorrow which is written as 明日, aka Bright day:)

Laying in your arms is like the first snow, delicate yet takes my breath away~

the 11th will mark two things, first of all school start, as well as my third month here in Japan. A period that so far has been really good, honestly. And it feels as if it´ll just get better, it feels more homey. I wish my japanese language skills were better though but I´ll get there.

There´s another one and a half week left of our spring break, the days are pretty calm, I do try to study at least a little bit everyday when it comes to the Japanese, mainly by rehearsing lyrics, in order to pick up some words/kanji´s that I´m still not supposed to know.

Next year spells my return to Sweden, I´ve been exchanging some emails with some student counselors at my Uni(They were´t very helpful), nevertheless, the path that I´m on means language studies, ie Japanese and English until the bachelor´s requirements are fulfilled~ I´m not really frustrated over the idea of returning as I were before, I mean, my time at uni were actually something that I enjoyed, and I´m sure I can make something out of it. It´s not ideal but I´ll just have to make the best out of it~

These two songs basically represents what I´ve been listening to lately, the Korean version of 2NE1´s Go away is really good aswell, the MV is a lot more tragic. I watched In Time yesterday, a movie that I really recommend, with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. It´s pretty unique~