KAGAYA-ison_fuji_1385182472_lgThere´s now less than a month left until christmas and I´m looking forward to spending this years christmas in Sweden since I spent last years in Japan. And there´s also another thing that I´ve been looking forward to for a very long time now, which would be Ison, the comet. apparently it´ll be clearly visible during most of December, so from any day now. I found this picture of Ison and Fuji for a few days ago that is just beautiful. Personally I know nothing of astronomy but, I´d love to learn how to at least find the constellations. I´m a Gemini by the way. which fits since I have the same birthday as my sister, even though we´re technically three years apart…

Lately I´ve been watching more episodes of the Tv show Vs 嵐(Vs arashi) than I ought to, but you really can´t get enough of Japanese humour imo. For those of you who don´t know, Vs Arashi is a Japanese game show where the band Arashi  competes against celebreties in a silly environment. it´s mostly against Japanese celebreties but people such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Will Smith etc have also starred.

I´ve also started watching the Korean drama Chuno, which is interesting since I know little about Korean history, it´s about 17th century(?) korean slave hunters if I were to sum it up in a misleading way. I´m also thinking about rewatching One Litre of Tears, which was the first Japanese drama that I´ve ever seen and also one of my top favorites. 

This song has nothing to do with any of the dramas I mentioned, but it is one of the very few rap songs that I actually like. I wish more rap would be like this, you know, with instruments.



The_OrphanageI had a presentation regarding orphans the other day which went really well. And I´ve also decided to use the same topic for my term paper. Not orphans in general but, the situation of the orphans living in Japan. Whom lives in a really flawed system where the majority are stuck in orphanages. In a society where adoption is shunned, and even shameful in some cases. I might write something more in-depth one day but I´ll leave that for later. I also found out that you can stream NHK World through this website, which is great if you´re interested in Japanese Tv (there´s english voiceover).  I also saw a documentary regarding the atomic bombs from that site the other day which I´m not sure what to think of.  To memorialize ones history is of course essential, but you can´t just pick and choose. one cannot ignore ones own horrific deeds. Nothing good will ever come out of that.

I saw the first episode of “Secret Garden” today, a Korean drama which seems really interesting, especially the music, I´ve been listening to it all day, even though I don´t understand a single word. But sometimes I really like that about music. Since you´ll still get the general tone of the music, and then you can just make up the rest in your head. I did that all the time before I learned to speak Japanese,


I finished a drama named Atashinchi no Danshi for a few days ago, which is a series that has the same director, and part of the cast as another drama named Hanazakari no kimitachi e which I also loved. Atashinchi is on the topic of family, specifically the relationship between a deceased father and his adopted children. A tragic theme mixed with the silly humour that you´ll find in most japanese comedies. Atashinchi focuses more on the comedy and family bonding rather than the overly depressing trend that so many Japanese dramas feature.

Since we´re on the topic on Dramas, I´ve also recently been rewatching some parts of my favorite drama of all time, One Tree Hill. No matter how much I love some drama or movie, everything pales in comparison to One Tree Hill.

Lin will be here in three days time, super excited. Most of the preparations are done, I still have some studies to get ahead of in order to take a 10 days study break once she comes. Some of the Japanese History that I study upsets me though. It´s annoying to love one aspect of a country while you despite the other.


The weekend was spent at Gröna Lund with the family, And it´s been ages since I were in Stockholm. And the time that I went to the Japanese Embassy for 2 years ago doesn´t count, since that´s all I did. it was beautiful as always, and Gröna lund was, well, it pales in comparison to Fuji Quu-.

Lin will be here in less than two weeks time, The agenda includes a day in Stockholm, Uppsala, Old viking remnants in Västerås and then a few days in Strängnäs.

School has been going on for two weeks now, September will be slow-paced though, due to the professor being away for research. But it´s for the best, since Lin will be here for a while. The translation courses are really interesting, as well as the Japanese History one. But it´s really hard to keep track on it when it comes to the History, since all they did was civil war, one after another. It makes me want to visit Toshogu again, one of my favorite places in Japan, The Toshogu shrine in Nikko.

Best regards,



My one week semester is almost over, I´ve been back in Västerås for a week now, which was a lot of fun and homey. In a few hours I´ll go back to Eskilstuna to put in a few more weeks at work before the start of the Autumn semester. I´ve been working at the hospital during the summer, which has been fine. It feels good to actually be allowed to work again. Which is something that I was not allowed to do during the last half yeah out of my 1 and a half-year recently spent in Japan. Hopefully I´ll be able to find a part-time job besides my studies once the semester actually starts up again. H&M*fingers crossed*

In september, less than 2 months! Lin will finally come to Sweden, Just for a little while though but it’s still something. I´ll have to make plans as of where to go and what to see etc, which is a kind of hard thing to do. I suppose that it shouldnt be but, I´m not really knowledgable when it comes to Sweden.

I saw the movie Agora for the first time yesterday, which was really well made and of course it was good, but it´s still the kind of movie which makes you disappointed. Not in the movie but in people in general I suppose.  I really like the Old Greece, especially the spiritual aspects. definitely not because of religion per se but, they´re fairytales and that weighs way much more in my opinion. Shinto has a lot of this as well, which is one reason for why I studied some of it. It´s more culture than religion and the stories are absolutely lovely.


A year and a half later…

DSC_7398The days are passing by slowly now, they´re mostly filled with planning of things to come. The final paper of the semester was turned in a week ago, an analysis in Japanese of the text Umi. written by Dazai Osamu. There´s still another month to go until my third summer working at the hospital starts yet again. Which will result in money for decorating the new apartment  back in Västerås. Which I´ll return to in mid august at latest in time for the fall term.

It´s been two and a half weeks since I came back home to Sweden, after a year and a half in Japan. It´s been fairly well, the adjusting process went fine. And I´ve had the chance to meet at least most of the lately neglected yet not forgotten relatives.

I´ve not read anything as of late, although I´d love to get my hands on the Morganville series, which is sadly in storage for at least a while longer. I plan on moving my things back to Västerås during the first of July, and then return to Strängnäs by the fifth due to work. hopefully I´ll be able to get things sorted by then.



I´m glad to be back in Sweden, but I´m also grateful to everyone back in Japan. Especially Lin, and Emi & Hitomi. I´m waiting eagerly for Lin´s visit in December and hopefully I´ll see more of you as time goes by.


It’s monday and I’m really tired from a day of doing more or less nothing,  tomorrow’s my one day of the week with classes. Which might sound great to some but due to studying on distance through Swedish Universities, there’s the 7 hour time difference which means that my last class of the day ends at 1:30 am. The newest class which started last week is based on some really old Japanese short novels, it’s interesting but the outdated language and symbols makes it a lot more challenging. I turned in the report on a text named Umi yesterday, I liked it but it’s very vague which lead to a lot  of speculation on my part.

Monday means Vikings, a relatively new tv series featuring just that, Vikings:). There’s even a Swede or two in it. I watch it with Lin every week which we’ll do once she comes home from Work. And here’s a fun fact, most Asians does not know the difference between Vikings and Pirates, which I find hilarious. There’s also thing game show named Vs Arashi, one of my favorites. Which includes a game which is name “Vikingsomethingsomething”, but it’s actually a pirate ship with a pirate flag:S

I’ll have to make my way over to the post office as soon as possible, to start shipping things back home to Sweden, mostly a bunch of Magazines. I think that I’ve said it before but my favorite souvenirs are Books, Music and Magazines.