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My one week semester is almost over, I´ve been back in Västerås for a week now, which was a lot of fun and homey. In a few hours I´ll go back to Eskilstuna to put in a few more weeks at work before the start of the Autumn semester. I´ve been working at the hospital during the summer, which has been fine. It feels good to actually be allowed to work again. Which is something that I was not allowed to do during the last half yeah out of my 1 and a half-year recently spent in Japan. Hopefully I´ll be able to find a part-time job besides my studies once the semester actually starts up again. H&M*fingers crossed*

In september, less than 2 months! Lin will finally come to Sweden, Just for a little while though but it’s still something. I´ll have to make plans as of where to go and what to see etc, which is a kind of hard thing to do. I suppose that it shouldnt be but, I´m not really knowledgable when it comes to Sweden.

I saw the movie Agora for the first time yesterday, which was really well made and of course it was good, but it´s still the kind of movie which makes you disappointed. Not in the movie but in people in general I suppose.  I really like the Old Greece, especially the spiritual aspects. definitely not because of religion per se but, they´re fairytales and that weighs way much more in my opinion. Shinto has a lot of this as well, which is one reason for why I studied some of it. It´s more culture than religion and the stories are absolutely lovely.



A year and a half later…

DSC_7398The days are passing by slowly now, they´re mostly filled with planning of things to come. The final paper of the semester was turned in a week ago, an analysis in Japanese of the text Umi. written by Dazai Osamu. There´s still another month to go until my third summer working at the hospital starts yet again. Which will result in money for decorating the new apartment  back in Västerås. Which I´ll return to in mid august at latest in time for the fall term.

It´s been two and a half weeks since I came back home to Sweden, after a year and a half in Japan. It´s been fairly well, the adjusting process went fine. And I´ve had the chance to meet at least most of the lately neglected yet not forgotten relatives.

I´ve not read anything as of late, although I´d love to get my hands on the Morganville series, which is sadly in storage for at least a while longer. I plan on moving my things back to Västerås during the first of July, and then return to Strängnäs by the fifth due to work. hopefully I´ll be able to get things sorted by then.



I´m glad to be back in Sweden, but I´m also grateful to everyone back in Japan. Especially Lin, and Emi & Hitomi. I´m waiting eagerly for Lin´s visit in December and hopefully I´ll see more of you as time goes by.

Things held dear.

I’ll write a few lines regarding dramas, which comes second to music out of things that I love when it comes to Japan. I started with Densha Otoko last week, which was great from the start. A series which centers around a typical Japanese manga/Anime nerd who falls for a woman. I have no interest in the Manga or Anime itself but the series does reflect an ever-present part of Japan. The first few episodes were great but then it just ended up being repetitive, with the stuttering and the inferiority complexes.

I prefer dramas that are based on something real, it adds a different meaning to them. They’re generally the really tragic ones as well. Such as Sekai chuushin de, or 1 Litre of tears. I watched Taiyou no uta today, the movie(there’s the series as well). It’s both true and really great. It deals with sickness but not in the overwhelming way. The music is really great as well and I´ve been listening to it all day.


I’m currently looking into Aishiteru to itte kure. It’s a much older drama but it’s supposed to be really tragic, I cant say anything about it yet but I will when I’ve actually seen it.

I’ll switch the subject to future plans instead. It’s now February, I accepted an apartment in Sweden last week. Which I’ll move into in July. Which means that I have a 5 month window which I’ll most likely spend the larger part of in Japan. well, more or less all of it. I havent seen my Little sister, or anyone in the family for that part for more than a year now. So I’ll have to return to my hometown for a little bit before July at least.

My favorite souvenirs from Japan are not going to be some tea set bought in Kyoto or some Geisha figurines or anything of that sort, instead it’ll be a treasured collection of music and film.

Close your eyes ~

yohoi, I´ve recently started to listen to Gackts newer songs again with the band YFC, Yellow fried chickenz. I saw them last year in Stockholm but I´ve never really listed to them after that concert, It was good, it really was, but for some reason I decided to neglect them due to the fact that I treasure what Gackt used to be, for some reason I told myself that he were different now. But some of the songs really are hauntingly beautiful so shame on me. I really do love watching the older concert dvd´s but this is just as good, Gackt will always be, chacha as well. Anywho, I´ll just share a video and then I´ll end the late night music rambling.

Apart from that, The golden week is coming up, we have our test in school tomorrow and then we´re off for an entire week, which feels great:), This Tuesday was spent in Harajuku, where I A: bought a phone, and B: shopped at H&M as well as grosso, a bag, 4 shirts and pants.

Saturday will apparently be spent at some famous night club that I don´t even know the name of, I´m sure it´ll be fun though. Apart from that I´m done with this weeks psychology and I´m back into my gymming routine.  2am, and there´s school tomorrow so,

Love, Simon~

Laying in your arms is like the first snow, delicate yet takes my breath away~

the 11th will mark two things, first of all school start, as well as my third month here in Japan. A period that so far has been really good, honestly. And it feels as if it´ll just get better, it feels more homey. I wish my japanese language skills were better though but I´ll get there.

There´s another one and a half week left of our spring break, the days are pretty calm, I do try to study at least a little bit everyday when it comes to the Japanese, mainly by rehearsing lyrics, in order to pick up some words/kanji´s that I´m still not supposed to know.

Next year spells my return to Sweden, I´ve been exchanging some emails with some student counselors at my Uni(They were´t very helpful), nevertheless, the path that I´m on means language studies, ie Japanese and English until the bachelor´s requirements are fulfilled~ I´m not really frustrated over the idea of returning as I were before, I mean, my time at uni were actually something that I enjoyed, and I´m sure I can make something out of it. It´s not ideal but I´ll just have to make the best out of it~

These two songs basically represents what I´ve been listening to lately, the Korean version of 2NE1´s Go away is really good aswell, the MV is a lot more tragic. I watched In Time yesterday, a movie that I really recommend, with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. It´s pretty unique~


People are stupid.

Hellou, 5 am and I feel like sharing.

First of all, one of the reasons for why I hate Sweden the way I do is because it doesn´t accept diversity, anything that sticks out has to be questioned. But the questions themselves aren´t enough, the rest of the night will be spent “making up” for the stupid things that were said in the first place.

I´ve lived my entire life being questioned for sticking out, for reasons you´ll never know. The most common question being, “Are you gay?”, the question itself is something that I can handle, I´ve heard it all my life so what the hell, but no matter how many times I say no, people always has to stick to some kind of guilt, so they keep bringing it up no matter what I say. I´ve ended more than enough of potential friendships due to such stupid actions. Where people has to assure you that they´re sorry for asking, even though no matter what the answer were it´d be okay. Probably not in their eyes, else they wouldn´t have asked in the first place.

You might wonder why I focus on Sweden but the truth is that ever since coming to Japan, the only ones who has acted that way were Swedish, and tonight were no different. And I have more than enough experience of it from back in Sweden as well.

Apart from all of that, the night was actually really good, spent the night there with a woman who Ive met several times. So even though it could have been better, it wasnt all bad.

Perhaps I should just take a leap and hope for the best?

I´ve had to reflect over my life today, and tomorrow will be no different. I always plan ahead and I´m perfectly committed to having Japan as the end destination. The big question mark though is everything that lies between that goal and now.

The minimum requirement for a working visa here in Japan is a Bachelor´s Degree. Which leaves me with two options, either I get one here, or I get one back in Sweden.

First of all, if I were to go back to Sweden and finish my degree there, then that would mean that I could have it done within 2 years after ISI. Which means that in a little more than 3 years from now, I could be back here at ISI in Tokyo to brush up on the Japanese as I search for a full time job.

But this year that I´ll be spending here in Tokyo now was never meant to be just that. It was meant to be the first step towards everything that I´ve always wanted. If I were to just pack up and go back to Sweden next year then I´ll feel as if I´ve failed myself, and that is definitely not okay.

The other option would be to study at a University here in Japan, my concern here though is that Swedish Citizens are only allowed to take student loans for a maximum of 240 weeks, and due to my Uni studies from back in Sweden and after ISI, I´ll only have around 125 weeks left. And it´s simply just not possible to squeeze in 4 years at a university into those 125 remaining weeks of student loans. Being limited to 240 weeks is in my opinion a stupid rule, it feels as if they´re against people having dreams.

3 years might be doable, but that would mean that they´d have to validate my courses from my Swedish University, and therefore let me skip the first year and start directly from the second year. Which would be great, but that´s still anif, I´d have to pass some sort of test, and if that test is to test my knowledge of the previously done courses then that would scare me quite a bit.

The one thing that could actually excite me about finishing my studies in Sweden is to apply for an exchange program, and then study the last year abroad. Japan is unfortunately one of those places that are close to impossible to get placed in, but there are other places that I´d probably like, such as China, or maybe Korea.

It´s not really fair how the most logical path towards living in Japan would be to leave.

On another note, I´ll probably bleach my hair and color it pretty light/brunette in the not too far future. & the Photo is from Tokyofaces.com

With Love, Simon~