Close your eyes ~

yohoi, I´ve recently started to listen to Gackts newer songs again with the band YFC, Yellow fried chickenz. I saw them last year in Stockholm but I´ve never really listed to them after that concert, It was good, it really was, but for some reason I decided to neglect them due to the fact that I treasure what Gackt used to be, for some reason I told myself that he were different now. But some of the songs really are hauntingly beautiful so shame on me. I really do love watching the older concert dvd´s but this is just as good, Gackt will always be, chacha as well. Anywho, I´ll just share a video and then I´ll end the late night music rambling.

Apart from that, The golden week is coming up, we have our test in school tomorrow and then we´re off for an entire week, which feels great:), This Tuesday was spent in Harajuku, where I A: bought a phone, and B: shopped at H&M as well as grosso, a bag, 4 shirts and pants.

Saturday will apparently be spent at some famous night club that I don´t even know the name of, I´m sure it´ll be fun though. Apart from that I´m done with this weeks psychology and I´m back into my gymming routine.  2am, and there´s school tomorrow so,

Love, Simon~


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