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It’s monday and I’m really tired from a day of doing more or less nothing,  tomorrow’s my one day of the week with classes. Which might sound great to some but due to studying on distance through Swedish Universities, there’s the 7 hour time difference which means that my last class of the day ends at 1:30 am. The newest class which started last week is based on some really old Japanese short novels, it’s interesting but the outdated language and symbols makes it a lot more challenging. I turned in the report on a text named Umi yesterday, I liked it but it’s very vague which lead to a lot  of speculation on my part.

Monday means Vikings, a relatively new tv series featuring just that, Vikings:). There’s even a Swede or two in it. I watch it with Lin every week which we’ll do once she comes home from Work. And here’s a fun fact, most Asians does not know the difference between Vikings and Pirates, which I find hilarious. There’s also thing game show named Vs Arashi, one of my favorites. Which includes a game which is name “Vikingsomethingsomething”, but it’s actually a pirate ship with a pirate flag:S

I’ll have to make my way over to the post office as soon as possible, to start shipping things back home to Sweden, mostly a bunch of Magazines. I think that I’ve said it before but my favorite souvenirs are Books, Music and Magazines.



From here on.

I went shopping for textbooks yesterday, the spring term starts up next week. A term which will consist of 45hp(150%) of Japanese studies. With general Japanese, manga as well as shorter novels. I’ve never read a manga in my entire life and I can’t really say that I’m looking forward to it, but it’s a part of Japan so I guess I’ll have to give it a try. I’m much more looking forward to the next term which will be translations and things of that sort, unless I change my mind:). But this term will be fun as well, I’ll miss having a real campus to take the courses at though, since the spring term will be read on distance from Japan. Which makes the time difference a bit of an obstacle, the morning class in Sweden results in 6pm here in Japan, and the evening class ends up being 4am in Japan…

March will probably include a trip to Taiwan, we haven’t decided exactly yet but most likely. Lin wishes to stay in Taipei and I’d like to go to her hometown, in order to meet her family, which she’s still a bit reluctant to. Cultural differences can be great in some ways but this is definitely not one of them.

That’s it for today, I’ll write soon.


It´s June and some days are ridiculously warm, it´s still spring here, even though we´re moving towards the end of it. There´s been a few birthdays and some nights out since last, and the other day was spent in Warabi Park with bbq and volleyball, which was a lot of fun~

I´m all done with the spring terms psychology class, so I´m completely devoted to Japanese for the summer and fall. I´m still trying to choose what I´d like to study during next years spring semester though, and I´ve boiled it down to languages, either more Japanese or a fresh start in Chinese. I´ve decided that my goal with Uni is to become fluent in Japanese, and “morethendecent” in Chinese. Speaking 4 languages seems like a pretty neat perk, so that´s what I´ve decided to go for.

At the moment, I´m catching up on vocab, I´ve apparently just learned about half of the 35ish new words that we get every third day for the past 5 chapters. There´s this great little app named Anki that I usually use, it´s a flashcards app, and it works really great so vocab is generally not a problem, I´ve just not devoted that much time to it lately.

Seeing that makes me happy, you´ll continue to live on. But in my case, it´s not the same, in the future that I have left, how should I go about living it? That´s it, that´s all there is. 

A modified passage from the video above, which is from 1 Litre of Tears, I´m still longing for the day when I´m actually able to read the book, but there´s still a long way to go until then.

Laying in your arms is like the first snow, delicate yet takes my breath away~

the 11th will mark two things, first of all school start, as well as my third month here in Japan. A period that so far has been really good, honestly. And it feels as if it´ll just get better, it feels more homey. I wish my japanese language skills were better though but I´ll get there.

There´s another one and a half week left of our spring break, the days are pretty calm, I do try to study at least a little bit everyday when it comes to the Japanese, mainly by rehearsing lyrics, in order to pick up some words/kanji´s that I´m still not supposed to know.

Next year spells my return to Sweden, I´ve been exchanging some emails with some student counselors at my Uni(They were´t very helpful), nevertheless, the path that I´m on means language studies, ie Japanese and English until the bachelor´s requirements are fulfilled~ I´m not really frustrated over the idea of returning as I were before, I mean, my time at uni were actually something that I enjoyed, and I´m sure I can make something out of it. It´s not ideal but I´ll just have to make the best out of it~

These two songs basically represents what I´ve been listening to lately, the Korean version of 2NE1´s Go away is really good aswell, the MV is a lot more tragic. I watched In Time yesterday, a movie that I really recommend, with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. It´s pretty unique~