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KAGAYA-ison_fuji_1385182472_lgThere´s now less than a month left until christmas and I´m looking forward to spending this years christmas in Sweden since I spent last years in Japan. And there´s also another thing that I´ve been looking forward to for a very long time now, which would be Ison, the comet. apparently it´ll be clearly visible during most of December, so from any day now. I found this picture of Ison and Fuji for a few days ago that is just beautiful. Personally I know nothing of astronomy but, I´d love to learn how to at least find the constellations. I´m a Gemini by the way. which fits since I have the same birthday as my sister, even though we´re technically three years apart…

Lately I´ve been watching more episodes of the Tv show Vs 嵐(Vs arashi) than I ought to, but you really can´t get enough of Japanese humour imo. For those of you who don´t know, Vs Arashi is a Japanese game show where the band Arashi  competes against celebreties in a silly environment. it´s mostly against Japanese celebreties but people such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Will Smith etc have also starred.

I´ve also started watching the Korean drama Chuno, which is interesting since I know little about Korean history, it´s about 17th century(?) korean slave hunters if I were to sum it up in a misleading way. I´m also thinking about rewatching One Litre of Tears, which was the first Japanese drama that I´ve ever seen and also one of my top favorites. 

This song has nothing to do with any of the dramas I mentioned, but it is one of the very few rap songs that I actually like. I wish more rap would be like this, you know, with instruments.



Hej hej, I’ll just share a few lines regarding the past few days.

Yesterday was spent in Yurakucho with Rin and a few friends. There was this market at the International Forum. A market featuring alcohol and food. An outside market in which is my opinion at least, one of the most beautiful districts of Tokyo. It’s close to the Imperial Park as well which I have not yet entered. There’s only a month and a half left now so I’ll have to do it soon. Spring is well under way so it’s very green and flowers everywhere which makes Tokyo into a pretty beautiful place, unlike the winter where there’s just one metal block after another.

Anywho, the food was good, the alcohol as well. And everything was fairly cheep as well which made it even better. I mostly ate kebab though. Which would be my first time here in Japan. We always use it on Pizza back in Sweden which I’d like to eat here as well. In Japan Pizza is in general really expensive, since it’s foreign and “exotic”. If you order it home then there’s usually different offers to make it “OK”.

I went running with Lin for a few hours ago, and we found a really cool place 25 minutes from where we live which we had never seen before. There’s this, well, I guess that it doesnt qualify as a national reserve but there’s this bird preservation place. A small lake and a lot of wildlife. Turtles, ducks and all sorts of birds. Some were caged in as well, some due to injury I believe. But they had 5 really beautiful Hawks.  We stumbled upon it while we were running so of course we had left our phones back home, but we’ll probably go back next week. They had swans as well, black ones as well which were pretty.

We’re going to Nakano later today, for dinner with friends and some sort of smaller live. No idea what kind of but I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’ll write sooner or later.

Close your eyes ~

yohoi, I´ve recently started to listen to Gackts newer songs again with the band YFC, Yellow fried chickenz. I saw them last year in Stockholm but I´ve never really listed to them after that concert, It was good, it really was, but for some reason I decided to neglect them due to the fact that I treasure what Gackt used to be, for some reason I told myself that he were different now. But some of the songs really are hauntingly beautiful so shame on me. I really do love watching the older concert dvd´s but this is just as good, Gackt will always be, chacha as well. Anywho, I´ll just share a video and then I´ll end the late night music rambling.

Apart from that, The golden week is coming up, we have our test in school tomorrow and then we´re off for an entire week, which feels great:), This Tuesday was spent in Harajuku, where I A: bought a phone, and B: shopped at H&M as well as grosso, a bag, 4 shirts and pants.

Saturday will apparently be spent at some famous night club that I don´t even know the name of, I´m sure it´ll be fun though. Apart from that I´m done with this weeks psychology and I´m back into my gymming routine.  2am, and there´s school tomorrow so,

Love, Simon~

Nap time~

Monday eve and I´m only awake due to the fact that I´ve already taken my nap. Some days over here are really long, but you generally dont feel it until you´ve actually made it back home safe and sound. I love my days here, I do, and I´d pick too much to do over too little any day.

And besides, collapsing in my room really isn´t that bad. My room is adorable as it is, which a lot of people has been kind enough to point out. And snuggling up in it to a gackt dvd is the perfect pick me up to get ready for another day~

I’m out of touch, I’m out of love
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down
and out of all these things I’ve done
I think I love you better now

And it’s so hard to say it but I’ve been here before
and I will surrender up my heart
and swap it for yours


Photo by Tokyofashion.com, one of my favorite blogs. She´s really beautiful.

I love fashion in general here in Japan, always has, it´s so simple minded in Sweden, it´s a shame.

Sayonara, Simon~