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It’s monday and I’m really tired from a day of doing more or less nothing,  tomorrow’s my one day of the week with classes. Which might sound great to some but due to studying on distance through Swedish Universities, there’s the 7 hour time difference which means that my last class of the day ends at 1:30 am. The newest class which started last week is based on some really old Japanese short novels, it’s interesting but the outdated language and symbols makes it a lot more challenging. I turned in the report on a text named Umi yesterday, I liked it but it’s very vague which lead to a lot  of speculation on my part.

Monday means Vikings, a relatively new tv series featuring just that, Vikings:). There’s even a Swede or two in it. I watch it with Lin every week which we’ll do once she comes home from Work. And here’s a fun fact, most Asians does not know the difference between Vikings and Pirates, which I find hilarious. There’s also thing game show named Vs Arashi, one of my favorites. Which includes a game which is name “Vikingsomethingsomething”, but it’s actually a pirate ship with a pirate flag:S

I’ll have to make my way over to the post office as soon as possible, to start shipping things back home to Sweden, mostly a bunch of Magazines. I think that I’ve said it before but my favorite souvenirs are Books, Music and Magazines.




Hej hej, I’ll just share a few lines regarding the past few days.

Yesterday was spent in Yurakucho with Rin and a few friends. There was this market at the International Forum. A market featuring alcohol and food. An outside market in which is my opinion at least, one of the most beautiful districts of Tokyo. It’s close to the Imperial Park as well which I have not yet entered. There’s only a month and a half left now so I’ll have to do it soon. Spring is well under way so it’s very green and flowers everywhere which makes Tokyo into a pretty beautiful place, unlike the winter where there’s just one metal block after another.

Anywho, the food was good, the alcohol as well. And everything was fairly cheep as well which made it even better. I mostly ate kebab though. Which would be my first time here in Japan. We always use it on Pizza back in Sweden which I’d like to eat here as well. In Japan Pizza is in general really expensive, since it’s foreign and “exotic”. If you order it home then there’s usually different offers to make it “OK”.

I went running with Lin for a few hours ago, and we found a really cool place 25 minutes from where we live which we had never seen before. There’s this, well, I guess that it doesnt qualify as a national reserve but there’s this bird preservation place. A small lake and a lot of wildlife. Turtles, ducks and all sorts of birds. Some were caged in as well, some due to injury I believe. But they had 5 really beautiful Hawks.  We stumbled upon it while we were running so of course we had left our phones back home, but we’ll probably go back next week. They had swans as well, black ones as well which were pretty.

We’re going to Nakano later today, for dinner with friends and some sort of smaller live. No idea what kind of but I’m sure it’ll be fun. I’ll write sooner or later.