Ohayou, it´s now about 10 am and I´ve been home for about an hour. The night was spent at Ageha, Asia’s supposedly biggest nightclub. Which lies in Shinkiba along the water. It´s ridiculousy beautiful, especially at dawn when the sun rises over the skyscrapers of Tokyo and makes the river all glittery.

It´s by far the best club I´ve been at so far and I had a really good time, and it´s really easy to talk to people there since they´re all really friendly. Another really good thing is that the music isn´t unnecessarily loud, you can actually speak to people, even on the dance floors which seems impossible at most places:)

Later today, after a few hours of sleep, we will have our soccer match between our guest house and the guest house of the city right next to ours. I´m sure it´ll be really fun, I just hope we can actually get a team together, since we just found out about the game before we headed out yesterday evening.

Anywho, back to Ageha, my favorite part was the outside dace floor, which was around a pool, I loved it due to the fact that it was close to the water, and as I stated before, it was a really beautiful place to dance and talk to people at, the music was also the best there, so win win:)


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