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I feel as if there are so many things that I could have written about yet I haven´t put any of it down on paper. Never the less, the past month or so has been perfect, and I´ve found myself enjoying each and every day of it. Today has been fairly calm, todays class was great and then I ran some errands for my JLPT (japanese level proficiency test) which I´m taking in December, N2. After that, I did some shopping, clothes of course. Two shirts from Zara and a shirt and jeans from H&M. I then returned home and ate Dinner, Curry that I made with Rin yesterday. Which was followed by some reading for a while until Rin came home<3.

I recently bought a few books that I´ve wanted to read for quite a while now, which is what I´ll try to keep myself busy with during the weekend, since Rin is busy with other stuff . One of them is “The Golden lily”, which is the follow up to bloodlines which I loved a lot, as well as Meads previous books.

Work moves on as usual, basically every Saturday unless there´s special holidays during the weekdays where I can substitute school with work. Fall break is coming up soon so I´ll work a lot then as well, I´ve also planned a trip to Nikko during the consecutive Holiday weekend with Rin, which I´m really looking forward to, we booked the hotel the other day. Nikko is famous for it´s temples and the fall colors, which I think will be beautiful.

I´ll try to write more soon~~ Love, Simon