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Tsukuba San

Evening, it´s 1 am and I´m currently held up in bed, today was pretty great, in fact most definitely one of my favorite days as of yet. Today we climbed Mount Tsukuba, and the weather couldn´t have been any better.

It all started as we left the guesthouse at 6 am this morning, after a few train and bus rides we were finally there. Step 1 was to visit the temple, and after the cleansing we were on our way way up high. Tsukuba san is in fact a really beautiful mountain, lots of greenery and the terrain isn’t that bad.

It´s Japan so there´s of course a lot of people, but everyone´s really friendly so there´s a constant exchange of hi´s and be careful´s that I really love.

The lower parts of the mountain has a completely different vibe from the higher ones, it´s a lot greener towards the bottom, and I really loved the way that it looks, the higher parts are currently not in bloom, but I´m sure that it´s beautiful when that season comes.

There are two peaks on Tsukuba San and there´s just a few meters difference between them. The highest peak is the one that we visited, which was really fun to be on top of, it´s a pretty small place though, but good nonetheless.

There are two main attractions at Tsukuba San, first of all, hiking the mountain itself, and then there´s the Ume tree´s that are currently in bloom, they´re really beautiful and they come in the shades of pink and white. Ume tends to bloom a few weeks before the Sakura does, which has one of it´s seasons in April.

From the top of ume garden, we were actually able to see Fuji San in the vast distance, which was actually the first time that I´ve seen it with my own eyes:), Fuji san itself is a milestone for the summer though~

Take care, Simon~


Another sun soaked season fades away

Yesterday I realised that I had completely missed the 9th season of One Tree Hill which is currently being aired, the season premiere was aired while I was literally in the process of moving to Japan so I can see how I missed it but it´s still no excuse. So now I have 9 episodes to catch up on, which is perfect due to the fact that the weather, both today and yesterday has been nothing short of horrible~

And from the ballroom floor we are in celebration
One good stretch before our hibernation
Our dreams assured and we all, will sleep well

This Wednesday was spent in Harajuku, which unfortunately started with me being almost 15 minutes late to my appointment at Watanabe´s, where I had a bleach & color followed by a cut by Momo, which turned out really well, and I´m glad to have moved away from the darker shades.

I then went shopping at Grosso and of course H&M, some new shirts and underwear as well as some pants that I really like. There´s still a lot that I want but I´ll have to wait til next month where I´ll probably be able to get it all since I don´t have to spend 22 000 yen on my hair~

 I´m still working my way through the drama Sekai chuushin de, ai wo sakebu, surely but slowly, but it´s really touching, honestly~

Mata ne~


Evening, today is the first week of Haru yasumi, there´s not that much planned but I´ll take the days as they come and at least make something out of each and every one of them~

I saw an adorable blanket at Donkey today that I really want, it as a pink/black/white proper tiger blanket, that was unfortunately just decorative for the sofa that they had on display:S Apart from that, I went jogging during the morning, and the evening was spent tidying up the room and rearranging things, it looks a bit more spacious and prettier now~

This is another of Kaya´s songs, my third favorite artist here in Japan. I get that it might not be everyone´s cup of tea but I find him amazing regardless~

And here´s an entry from, that I find really beautiful so I just feel like including it~

I´m still longing for Wednesday, for my appointment with Momo san @ Watanabe´s. 

Love, Simon~

Bleaching and Korean ryouri

One day left of classes til spring break, I´d like to think that it´s getting warmer by the day, but the weather here has a tendency to come and go so what do I know.

Regarding next week, I spoke to the people at Watanabe today, and I booked in an appointment for bleach and cut on wednesday morning. I´m really looking forward to it. Then I´ll have to go shopping in Harajuku afterwards, since I desperately need a few items such as a bag, a jacket and some pants.

Yesterday was spent in 高円寺、a smaller city 10 minutes west from Shinjuku. Where we(two friends from school), went direcly after class, it was really fun and the night was spent at a Korean restaurant there, cheap alcohol and the food was great, I ate the Crab Salad~

The turtles are adorable as always, so are the cherry trees~

Ja ne~


The weekend is soon to be over, which resulted in a finished psychology paper, that I´m really happy about, I´m going to take a few days off before I start on the next step, which is to prepare for the seminar, on a topic that is covered on yet another book:S, Studies aside, saturday, as always was spent jogging to Arakawa, the weather was awful though but a promise is a promise. The best part of the weekend though was tonight, when we all played soccer together, which was really fun even though I´m awful at it:)

I´ve finished watching ichi ritoru no namida, which I really loved, especially the movie, since it´s a lot more tragic. Sekai no chuushin de ai wo sakebu is up next, also called Crying out Love, in the Centre of the World~

Ja ne!


I noticed something pretty great this morning as I were walking to the train station. There´s this park right next to the temple that lies just across the street from my guest house, and in that park there´s a small dam, and in that dam, there´s a bunch of totally adorable turtles, now how cute isn´t that?

Less than 2 weeks until the next part of the student loans is due, and I´m doing my best to sort of the budget till then, here´s a non negotiable to do list that I´ll scratch off as soon as we´ve passed the 19th though:

*Cut my hair
*Dye it blondeish/brunette
*Buying a new bag
*Along with some three quarter pants
*And possibly a spring jacket

My psychology report is still due, but it´s at least moving forward, hopefully I´ll have it done within the next few days. And apart from that we´ll have the grammar test, conversation test, essay test, kanji tests along with the chapter tests until the start of spring break at the end of next week.

I´ve almost watched all the episodes of 1 ritoru no namida, 1 litre of tears. Which is a really tragic and sad japanese drama, that I really do recommend. The movie is great as well, and I actually prefer it over the series, but they´re both great and they´ll definitely make you cry.


onaji sora miteru no ni

Today was really beautiful, which was perfect due to the fact that my weekly Saturday ritual is to take a run/walk along the Arakawa river. The following photos are taken by the river, and by a small shrine that lies on the path on the way back.

I´ve also shared two songs by Remioromen, that are hauntingly beautiful, and so are the videos, especially the bride in the second video.

Spring break is coming up in about 3 weeks, the period until then is filled with it´s fair share of tests, The experiment that I have in my psych class is due on the 19th, After that I´ll do my best to finish all the remaining parts of the course during the break. Then hopefully I´ll just have the Japanese to deal with.




I can barely wait until the next share of the student loans are paid out, I really really wanna go shopping, I seriously need a new bag, some pants, and probably the same cardigan that I have but in another color:)