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My one week semester is almost over, I´ve been back in Västerås for a week now, which was a lot of fun and homey. In a few hours I´ll go back to Eskilstuna to put in a few more weeks at work before the start of the Autumn semester. I´ve been working at the hospital during the summer, which has been fine. It feels good to actually be allowed to work again. Which is something that I was not allowed to do during the last half yeah out of my 1 and a half-year recently spent in Japan. Hopefully I´ll be able to find a part-time job besides my studies once the semester actually starts up again. H&M*fingers crossed*

In september, less than 2 months! Lin will finally come to Sweden, Just for a little while though but it’s still something. I´ll have to make plans as of where to go and what to see etc, which is a kind of hard thing to do. I suppose that it shouldnt be but, I´m not really knowledgable when it comes to Sweden.

I saw the movie Agora for the first time yesterday, which was really well made and of course it was good, but it´s still the kind of movie which makes you disappointed. Not in the movie but in people in general I suppose.  I really like the Old Greece, especially the spiritual aspects. definitely not because of religion per se but, they´re fairytales and that weighs way much more in my opinion. Shinto has a lot of this as well, which is one reason for why I studied some of it. It´s more culture than religion and the stories are absolutely lovely.



A year and a half later…

DSC_7398The days are passing by slowly now, they´re mostly filled with planning of things to come. The final paper of the semester was turned in a week ago, an analysis in Japanese of the text Umi. written by Dazai Osamu. There´s still another month to go until my third summer working at the hospital starts yet again. Which will result in money for decorating the new apartment  back in Västerås. Which I´ll return to in mid august at latest in time for the fall term.

It´s been two and a half weeks since I came back home to Sweden, after a year and a half in Japan. It´s been fairly well, the adjusting process went fine. And I´ve had the chance to meet at least most of the lately neglected yet not forgotten relatives.

I´ve not read anything as of late, although I´d love to get my hands on the Morganville series, which is sadly in storage for at least a while longer. I plan on moving my things back to Västerås during the first of July, and then return to Strängnäs by the fifth due to work. hopefully I´ll be able to get things sorted by then.



I´m glad to be back in Sweden, but I´m also grateful to everyone back in Japan. Especially Lin, and Emi & Hitomi. I´m waiting eagerly for Lin´s visit in December and hopefully I´ll see more of you as time goes by.

Moving to Chiba:)

Hii, somedays are really cold, which I suppose I should be able to handle due to being Swedish and all but the nights and evenings still get really cold.

I have a few things to share, and I´ll start with me moving to Chiba on friday this week, to live together with Rin which I´m really really glad over. When I first came to Japan in January this year I moved into the J&F House in Warabi, which I´ve lived at for the past 10 months now and it has been really great. due to all the people that I´ve had the chance to meet here. But never the less, I´m really glad over the fact of moving in with Rin.

To a cozy third floor mansion in Ichikawa, starting as I mentioned earlier, friday this week. I´d also like to point out that while Japan is more or less flawless from a tourists point of view, that it certainly not the case for those of us actually living here, but even so, there´s no other place I´d rather be at.

This is a song sung by Rola, a Japanese model which is also active in Japanese TV, who I found extremely funny, there´s plenty to be found on Youtube so please help yourself out.

School is geting harder and harder, but it´s still manageable, so there´s not that much new to write about it. Last week, I ended up having to work both Saturday and sunday, which resulted in me not getting a single day off. but fortunately there was a dance festival being held close to work which made it all worthwhile. It was so very beautiful and the spitting image of my view of Japan. I´m low on photo´s but I did record some video´s which I can not upload here:O

Even though Odaiba is pretty far from where I live, I still do love the fact that I work there, it´s one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo and there´s always something going on. I´m not a big fan of Cosplay but every Saturday and Sunday, there´s plenty of it going on all the way from my Work to the station.

I´m also going to YCN´s Little Saturday event this Wednesday in Shibuya, where I´ll finally get to meet some friends who I haven´t seen in a while.

It´s now 1am so I´ll sign off in order to get ready for tomorrow. I´ll write soon~


I feel as if there are so many things that I could have written about yet I haven´t put any of it down on paper. Never the less, the past month or so has been perfect, and I´ve found myself enjoying each and every day of it. Today has been fairly calm, todays class was great and then I ran some errands for my JLPT (japanese level proficiency test) which I´m taking in December, N2. After that, I did some shopping, clothes of course. Two shirts from Zara and a shirt and jeans from H&M. I then returned home and ate Dinner, Curry that I made with Rin yesterday. Which was followed by some reading for a while until Rin came home<3.

I recently bought a few books that I´ve wanted to read for quite a while now, which is what I´ll try to keep myself busy with during the weekend, since Rin is busy with other stuff . One of them is “The Golden lily”, which is the follow up to bloodlines which I loved a lot, as well as Meads previous books.

Work moves on as usual, basically every Saturday unless there´s special holidays during the weekdays where I can substitute school with work. Fall break is coming up soon so I´ll work a lot then as well, I´ve also planned a trip to Nikko during the consecutive Holiday weekend with Rin, which I´m really looking forward to, we booked the hotel the other day. Nikko is famous for it´s temples and the fall colors, which I think will be beautiful.

I´ll try to write more soon~~ Love, Simon

“But then the sun came up and reality set in”

Hi hi, it´s almost been a month and for that I suppose I´m sorry, not really but anyhow. There´s just a few days left of summer break, school starts again on Monday and until then I´m swamped with work, I´ve been working everyday lately and I will continue doing so up to and including Saturday.

Sunday will be my one day off before classes start again, a day that will be spent with a trip to an Aquarium with a japanese friend of mine, always wanted to go but my Aquarium plans has always seem to fall through so fingers crossed.

Summer break itself hasn’t really been that spectacular, there were a few sad days but apart from that it´s been okay, busy with work which is good considering that I have a neverending list of things that I want to buy, especially souvenirs and decorations for Sweden. I´m still trying to figure out as of when I should go back, school ends on the 21st of December and Sweden´s spring semester doesn´t start until around the 25th of January, so somewhere in between that window, I could make it home for christmas but that would mean an entire month just doing nothing in Sweden, I think that I´d rather work for a few more weeks here in Japan instead:S Which would mean me missing my first christmas ever..

I always went to see the Odaiba oHanabi with a few friends the other day! My second ohanabi here in Japan, they were both really beautiful and It´s a really great summer tradition.


Work and the Movies~

Another week has almost passed so I´ll a few sentences regarding the highlights. First of all, as of last week, I´ve been working part-time at a hotel in the Tokyo Bay area, which would be my first part-time job here in Japan, happy:)

It´s named Hotel Trusty, Tokyo Bayside, and it´s the two tall buildings that are connected at the top. It´s very beautiful and so is the view from the rooms. My job falls under bed making so it´s nothing spectacular but work is work so I´m happy nonetheless.

Apart from school & work, It was a friends birthday the other day. And it was celebrated at a mexican styled restaurant where a few artists performed, one of them was The 9Miles, who I actually really like, the song below is by them~

I also went out to see the new Snow white movie with Emi the other day, so we went for dinner and then the movies, my favorite day of the week. Also my first time at the movies here in Japan,  I rarely ever go to the movies, even in Sweden. I guess I should though. If I remember correctly then my last time, before Snow White, was Avatar:o, but that must have been years ago.

Nevertheless, I did like the movie. Kirsten Stewart was great and I like the guy who plays Thor in Thor,  duh:)

I guess that would sum most of it up, Tomorrow will be spent with a trip to Ikea with Takuya, and probably something more afterwards. Saturday and Sunday means work, but just from the morning til hopefully not too late, so the nights are off, so Saturday night will be spent with Emi.