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Perhaps I should just take a leap and hope for the best?

I´ve had to reflect over my life today, and tomorrow will be no different. I always plan ahead and I´m perfectly committed to having Japan as the end destination. The big question mark though is everything that lies between that goal and now.

The minimum requirement for a working visa here in Japan is a Bachelor´s Degree. Which leaves me with two options, either I get one here, or I get one back in Sweden.

First of all, if I were to go back to Sweden and finish my degree there, then that would mean that I could have it done within 2 years after ISI. Which means that in a little more than 3 years from now, I could be back here at ISI in Tokyo to brush up on the Japanese as I search for a full time job.

But this year that I´ll be spending here in Tokyo now was never meant to be just that. It was meant to be the first step towards everything that I´ve always wanted. If I were to just pack up and go back to Sweden next year then I´ll feel as if I´ve failed myself, and that is definitely not okay.

The other option would be to study at a University here in Japan, my concern here though is that Swedish Citizens are only allowed to take student loans for a maximum of 240 weeks, and due to my Uni studies from back in Sweden and after ISI, I´ll only have around 125 weeks left. And it´s simply just not possible to squeeze in 4 years at a university into those 125 remaining weeks of student loans. Being limited to 240 weeks is in my opinion a stupid rule, it feels as if they´re against people having dreams.

3 years might be doable, but that would mean that they´d have to validate my courses from my Swedish University, and therefore let me skip the first year and start directly from the second year. Which would be great, but that´s still anif, I´d have to pass some sort of test, and if that test is to test my knowledge of the previously done courses then that would scare me quite a bit.

The one thing that could actually excite me about finishing my studies in Sweden is to apply for an exchange program, and then study the last year abroad. Japan is unfortunately one of those places that are close to impossible to get placed in, but there are other places that I´d probably like, such as China, or maybe Korea.

It´s not really fair how the most logical path towards living in Japan would be to leave.

On another note, I´ll probably bleach my hair and color it pretty light/brunette in the not too far future. & the Photo is from

With Love, Simon~


Small tidbits~

This week has been fairly fast paced as usual, yet it doesn´t feel like I´ve completed even nearly as much as I´d like, the Japanese studies are perfectly fine, but I´m not sure if I´m falling behind or not on the psychology, I´ve at least decided on which experiment to replicate, so now I just have to read up on it and then actually go through with it, and then there´s of course the report itself:S

Regarding spring break, which hopefully will be dedicated to volunteer work. I´ve sent an email to the organization Hands, and I´m still waiting for a reply, hopefully I´ll get some good new within the next few days.

The 21st of February held the annual speech contest that is arranged by ISI, it wasn´t that bad, unfortunately I´m still not able to understand as much as I´d like, so I were only able to understand small tidbits. But the performances were adorable, especially by the younger kids. there was an adorable young girl that played the piano and she held a speech that I wished I could have understood, since she actually seemed to speak from her heart.

These photos are from Ikebukero, which is where the speech contest was held. I actually really loved that city, it has a lot of things to offer, while being a lot calmer than other parts of Tokyo such as Shibuya/Harajuku-

I can listen to practically anything as long as it´s on Japanese when it comes to music, but Visual Kei will always lie closest to my heart, even though I tend to go periods without listening to it~

My favorite bands with the trend: Versailles, Kaya, Gacharic Spin & Dazzle Vision~

My week~ Birthdays & Saitama

The past couple of days has actually been pretty great, today was fully devoted to myself, by taking a really long 2 and a half hour run/sightseeing through parts of Saitama, from Warabi where I live all the way to Akabane, which is where I take the train to every day, There´s a really large river right before Akabane that separates it from Kawaguchi, an area that is perfect for outdoor activities, with baseball courts and football fields and even a golf court, nonetheless, it´s the perfect place to go jogging at, and it´s really beautiful, even now during the winter:)

The following pictures are from Kawaguchi & Nishikawaguchi.


Yesterday and the day before.

Yesterday eve was spent at the guesthouse til midnight,

The day before that was Marcus´s birthday, a friend from school & the guest house, a day that was celebrated with friends from school at a korean restaurant followed by a trip to an izakaya in baba. I´ll let the pictures speak for themselves, the food was amazing, no pictures from there unfortunately. followed by a few hours at a local pub here in Warabi. It was actually a really good evening, people are really kind here and I always seem to meet really sweet and kind people.


The group GReeeen has a great collection of songs, this is one of my favorites, named キセキ。

There´s another song named 遥か, unfortunately I can´t seem to find the real PV for it, the PV that always manages to bring tears to my eyes, it´s a good song nonetheless, so it´s defintiely worth listening to.

きおつけて下さい、love, Simon~

What´s next?

And I just idolize the way that you carry yourself~

Japanese music is the kind that I truly love, and I stick almost exclusively to it. But Katy McAllister is one of the few exceptions. She´s not really that well known though, which really is a pity.

Your heart is the sun, and the leaves are your soul.
Blowing, blowing through clouds,
Which are really just your dreams at night~

Life in Japan

I´m currently looking through the options for after ISI, the next step is to see which University courses from Sweden that are valid down here, since I technically have half a bachelors degree in the Swedish system that is currently “In Progress”.

It´s really hard to pick a major, the credits that I do have so far are spread out in everything from Business to literature, with Language & Religion inbetween.

I´d probably love to study something such as sociology in Japan, but I´m not even sure about the Japan part, I mean. if it was as simple as Japan or Sweden then I´d pick Japan in a heartbeat, but it´s more of a financial question. That´s the best part with Sweden, free university education.

Taken at Baba Station, 4 minutes from school on my way home.

Spring break ideas~

A month and a few days has passed since first comming here, things are good, better than they were, a clear head and the ever present smile with actual genuine happiness and pride behind it. And as always, I´ll include some of my favorite songs every here and there.

Sayonara daisukina hito~

There´s one month left until spring break, which takes place in mid march. Some has their eyes on traveling, both within and outside Japan, mine though, are fixed on something that I heard about from a friend here at the guest house, Volunteer work.

I´ve kind of just heard about it so nothings written in stone yet but I´m definetly going to make a run for it. I´ve done sorts of volunteer work before, the student union kind, which I loved, but it´s not really the kind that I´ve always pictured myself doing.

This would be for the restoration after the tsunami. As a teenager, I really wanted to volunteer at a crisis call center, with a focus on suicidal teens. which  quite frankly is something that I still want to do.

Breathe me

It´s now almost 3 am, 2 tests in school tomorrow that I´m not really worried about, but I do have to catch up on some psych reading due to the fact that I simply just couldn´t read it today,じかんがありませんから。

おやすみなさい、Love, Simon~



I were looking through the gallery of my cell phone as I came across some photos that were taken for quite a while ago, in Akihabara, so I figured that I could might as well share them now, they´re on the subject of dolls, and quite frankly, they´re pretty neat due to the fact that you´ll customize them yourself down to every teeny little detail.

I could defintely picture myself with one of those one day, just for funsys, so I guess that´s +1 to the list with a million other things that I want but probably never will get:)


The really adorable ones had the No photography stickers, which is perfectly reasonable, but thankfully we were at least allowed to photo some of them.


This weekend has been dedicated to studying, mostly by catching up on the psych class. Which I´m sort of happy about, I´m kinda proud of myself for not going out this weekend, 5 weeks till the student loans and until then I´ll just have to live as I´ve always have, as a student:)


Sunny days

Ohayoo minna!

Spring is not really here but at least we´re getting there, today was pretty beautiful and warm, which is something that I love and I can´t wait to get more of it.

Tomorrow is friday, which means new episodes of The Secret Circle & The Vampire Diaries, last weeks episodes of both of the series was some of the best I´ve ever seen, I loved them so if you haven´t already, みて下さい。

Friday means our first real test, which was supposed to be on this weeks tuesday but it was unfortunately pushed up for nogoodreason:S

Apart from all of that, I got my psych text books yesterday, and if I were to discribe them with one word then that word would have to be huge, but oh well. Guess I have some catching up to do due to the fact that the course actually started for 2 weeks ago.