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My birthday weekend~

Hello again, it´s almost been half a month since last, gomen:o A lot has happened since last though. And my birthday has come and gone! Which would now make me 21:) So I´ll shares some photo´s from the birthday weekend as well as Disney land and what not~

But I´ll start off with music, Leo Ieiri is one of my favorite artists, and she has two really famous songs, Sabrina and Shine. And they´re really cheerful, I´m currently using shine from my studies, which is one of my favorite ways of learning vocab and kanji´s on. To just study the lyrics.

The 25th of May was spent in Disney Land, which lies in Chiba, a bit outside of Tokyo. We were there all day, from 10 in the morning til after the hanabi at night. There are two daily parades, and I only have photo´s of the day parade. Since my phones battery died. Disney Land in general is of course more beautiful at night, with all the lights and all. It´s spring in Japan, so it has the easter theme now. The theme changes with the seasons, I´d love to see the Halloween theme during fall.

There are a bunch of different carousels and rides, my favorite one was Splash Mountain, which reminds me of my childhood trips down to Lisseberg back in Sweden, since they have a similar thing there.

The day after Disney Land was the 26th, the day before my birthday. Lunch time til early evening was spent at a friends flower exhibition in Shinjuku, which was really beautiful and creative. And I then met up with two friends for sushi and then a night out in Shibuya @vision~

The birthday itself was celebrated in Warabi, dinner with friends from the guesthouse til late. Followed by spending the night singing Karaoke til 5 in the morning, which is something that I love. I had school the other day though but I knew what I were getting myself into..

My psychology is due next week, and I´m almost finished. Truth be told, I´ve barely studied it from the past 2 weeks, but I basically just have th finishing touches left to do. And the Japanese studies are going perfectly fine.

Oh and I cut my hair! And I´m all out of things to share since I´m tired, so oyasumi~


A small song about love~

It´s Saturday and so far I´ve done practically nothing, and I´ll continue to do practically nothing aside from throwing in an hour or two of studying later on.

This song is named 小さな恋の歌、which translates into A small songs about love, it´s originally sung by Mongol800 but I prefer this cover version. The song is also featured in the next drama that I´m going to watch after I´m finished with花より男子。The drama is named Proposal Daisakusen.

Tomorrow´s Sunday, which means football, as long as it doesn´t rain that is:S Which it unforunately did last week. Next week is also my birthday, on the 27th, my sisters as well. So I´m looking forward to that~ Last night was spent in Shibuya, at Vision again~

I´ve been looking through Haiku Designs page again, for some reason I´m already trying to pick out furniture for when I´m going back to Sweden next year:)

Shooort~ JDrama

I started watching a drama named Hana yori Dango last week, since it´s a friends favorite drama. And I actually loved it from the start, it´s really funny so if you have any interest in Jdrama at all then I do recommend it. Apart from drowning myself in dramas lately, I´ve cut my hair, byebye long hair, it´s actually really short now, maybe a hint shorter than I´d like but it´ll grow out in no time!

I´m texting with a japanese friend at the moment and it´s always the same, as soon as I get a new text I´ll have to either A, grab whoever´s close to me for a kanji translation or B, forward it to my computer in order to google translate it:S

Apart from Hana yori Dango, I´ll just name a few other that I really like, Hotaru no Hikari is also one of the really funny dramas, and then there´s a lot of sad ones such as One litre of tears, or Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World.

I´m almost done with my psych course, another week or so! Apart from that, it´s now less then 2 weeks until my birthday:D Take care!

Heart under blade~

The golden week is over and I´m back in school, there´s really nothing new to say about school itself so I´ll just move on to the rest of the day. I just finished watching a japanese movie named Shinobi, Heart under blade. a movie that I ran into the other day due to the fact that it´s featured in a music video of Ayumi Hamasaki, which can be found below.

I´m not much for fighting and things of that sort in movies, which has it´s fare share in Shinobi. But there´s more to it, the perspective of life that most characters seem to share is all wrong but love plays it´s part, so I do believe that it´s worth watching, at least I enjoyed it. Here´s the imdb link~

Apart from that, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the gym today which I´m happy about. I´m still busy on a daily basis with my psychology, but fortunately, I got a pretty good grade on assignment nr 2(out of 3) so I really don´t have to do that well on this home exam in order to pass. But on the other hand, it´s not like I´m aiming for the bare minimum:o

The golden week ended with a night out in Shibuya, but before that we went to Yoyogi Park, which I actually loved. The club itself on the other hand, not as much. But the time before and after, very much so:)

I´ll just go ahead and share one last music video, also by Ayumi Hamasaki, named M, one of my favorite songs by her.

And it´s now 2 am so nighty nighty, Love Simon~

Eagles Nest Mountain~

We´re now a few days into the golden week, and I´ve managed to keep myself busy on each and every one of them. Today was actually spent hiking, which means that I´ve hiked 2 mountains here in Japan so far, there´s Tsukuba San which you could read more on here. and then there´s Takanosu-Yama who we hiked today, which translates into eagles nest mountain.

The day started with waking up to the alarm clock which was set on 4:10 am, which was followed by rushing myself through all the morning rituals in order to leave the house by 4:50. The ride itself took it´s time, around 3 hours or so with train then bus in order to arrive at a bus stop in some area east of Tokyo completely surrounded by mountains and lakes, which made it a really beautiful place, the water was really beautiful at some places. but unfortunately, the weather wasn´t. There was some rain from time to time and it was constantly clouded, which resulted in us not actually getting to the top, but we did get pretty high anyway and I still believe that the prettier areas were down by the lakes.

We then returned back to the small city that lied in the middle of the mountains by bus in order to hop on the train that passes by. But before leaving we all ate lunch at the restaurant, I had the Udon Curry:)

Regarding Saturdays soccer between Warabi Guesthouse and Nishi kawaguchi Guesthouse, we won. I mean, of course we did. But it was really fun and hopefully we´ll do it again sometime.

And here´s a cover by my favorite non Japanese artist, Katy McAllister along with Tyler Ward.

love, Simon~