A small song about love~

It´s Saturday and so far I´ve done practically nothing, and I´ll continue to do practically nothing aside from throwing in an hour or two of studying later on.

This song is named 小さな恋の歌、which translates into A small songs about love, it´s originally sung by Mongol800 but I prefer this cover version. The song is also featured in the next drama that I´m going to watch after I´m finished with花より男子。The drama is named Proposal Daisakusen.

Tomorrow´s Sunday, which means football, as long as it doesn´t rain that is:S Which it unforunately did last week. Next week is also my birthday, on the 27th, my sisters as well. So I´m looking forward to that~ Last night was spent in Shibuya, at Vision again~

I´ve been looking through Haiku Designs page again, for some reason I´m already trying to pick out furniture for when I´m going back to Sweden next year:)


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