Eagles Nest Mountain~

We´re now a few days into the golden week, and I´ve managed to keep myself busy on each and every one of them. Today was actually spent hiking, which means that I´ve hiked 2 mountains here in Japan so far, there´s Tsukuba San which you could read more on here. and then there´s Takanosu-Yama who we hiked today, which translates into eagles nest mountain.

The day started with waking up to the alarm clock which was set on 4:10 am, which was followed by rushing myself through all the morning rituals in order to leave the house by 4:50. The ride itself took it´s time, around 3 hours or so with train then bus in order to arrive at a bus stop in some area east of Tokyo completely surrounded by mountains and lakes, which made it a really beautiful place, the water was really beautiful at some places. but unfortunately, the weather wasn´t. There was some rain from time to time and it was constantly clouded, which resulted in us not actually getting to the top, but we did get pretty high anyway and I still believe that the prettier areas were down by the lakes.

We then returned back to the small city that lied in the middle of the mountains by bus in order to hop on the train that passes by. But before leaving we all ate lunch at the restaurant, I had the Udon Curry:)

Regarding Saturdays soccer between Warabi Guesthouse and Nishi kawaguchi Guesthouse, we won. I mean, of course we did. But it was really fun and hopefully we´ll do it again sometime.

And here´s a cover by my favorite non Japanese artist, Katy McAllister along with Tyler Ward.

love, Simon~


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