Tsukuba San

Evening, it´s 1 am and I´m currently held up in bed, today was pretty great, in fact most definitely one of my favorite days as of yet. Today we climbed Mount Tsukuba, and the weather couldn´t have been any better.

It all started as we left the guesthouse at 6 am this morning, after a few train and bus rides we were finally there. Step 1 was to visit the temple, and after the cleansing we were on our way way up high. Tsukuba san is in fact a really beautiful mountain, lots of greenery and the terrain isn’t that bad.

It´s Japan so there´s of course a lot of people, but everyone´s really friendly so there´s a constant exchange of hi´s and be careful´s that I really love.

The lower parts of the mountain has a completely different vibe from the higher ones, it´s a lot greener towards the bottom, and I really loved the way that it looks, the higher parts are currently not in bloom, but I´m sure that it´s beautiful when that season comes.

There are two peaks on Tsukuba San and there´s just a few meters difference between them. The highest peak is the one that we visited, which was really fun to be on top of, it´s a pretty small place though, but good nonetheless.

There are two main attractions at Tsukuba San, first of all, hiking the mountain itself, and then there´s the Ume tree´s that are currently in bloom, they´re really beautiful and they come in the shades of pink and white. Ume tends to bloom a few weeks before the Sakura does, which has one of it´s seasons in April.

From the top of ume garden, we were actually able to see Fuji San in the vast distance, which was actually the first time that I´ve seen it with my own eyes:), Fuji san itself is a milestone for the summer though~

Take care, Simon~


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