Heart under blade~

The golden week is over and I´m back in school, there´s really nothing new to say about school itself so I´ll just move on to the rest of the day. I just finished watching a japanese movie named Shinobi, Heart under blade. a movie that I ran into the other day due to the fact that it´s featured in a music video of Ayumi Hamasaki, which can be found below.

I´m not much for fighting and things of that sort in movies, which has it´s fare share in Shinobi. But there´s more to it, the perspective of life that most characters seem to share is all wrong but love plays it´s part, so I do believe that it´s worth watching, at least I enjoyed it. Here´s the imdb link~

Apart from that, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the gym today which I´m happy about. I´m still busy on a daily basis with my psychology, but fortunately, I got a pretty good grade on assignment nr 2(out of 3) so I really don´t have to do that well on this home exam in order to pass. But on the other hand, it´s not like I´m aiming for the bare minimum:o

The golden week ended with a night out in Shibuya, but before that we went to Yoyogi Park, which I actually loved. The club itself on the other hand, not as much. But the time before and after, very much so:)

I´ll just go ahead and share one last music video, also by Ayumi Hamasaki, named M, one of my favorite songs by her.

And it´s now 2 am so nighty nighty, Love Simon~


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