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Moving to Chiba:)

Hii, somedays are really cold, which I suppose I should be able to handle due to being Swedish and all but the nights and evenings still get really cold.

I have a few things to share, and I´ll start with me moving to Chiba on friday this week, to live together with Rin which I´m really really glad over. When I first came to Japan in January this year I moved into the J&F House in Warabi, which I´ve lived at for the past 10 months now and it has been really great. due to all the people that I´ve had the chance to meet here. But never the less, I´m really glad over the fact of moving in with Rin.

To a cozy third floor mansion in Ichikawa, starting as I mentioned earlier, friday this week. I´d also like to point out that while Japan is more or less flawless from a tourists point of view, that it certainly not the case for those of us actually living here, but even so, there´s no other place I´d rather be at.

This is a song sung by Rola, a Japanese model which is also active in Japanese TV, who I found extremely funny, there´s plenty to be found on Youtube so please help yourself out.

School is geting harder and harder, but it´s still manageable, so there´s not that much new to write about it. Last week, I ended up having to work both Saturday and sunday, which resulted in me not getting a single day off. but fortunately there was a dance festival being held close to work which made it all worthwhile. It was so very beautiful and the spitting image of my view of Japan. I´m low on photo´s but I did record some video´s which I can not upload here:O

Even though Odaiba is pretty far from where I live, I still do love the fact that I work there, it´s one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo and there´s always something going on. I´m not a big fan of Cosplay but every Saturday and Sunday, there´s plenty of it going on all the way from my Work to the station.

I´m also going to YCN´s Little Saturday event this Wednesday in Shibuya, where I´ll finally get to meet some friends who I haven´t seen in a while.

It´s now 1am so I´ll sign off in order to get ready for tomorrow. I´ll write soon~


Eagles Nest Mountain~

We´re now a few days into the golden week, and I´ve managed to keep myself busy on each and every one of them. Today was actually spent hiking, which means that I´ve hiked 2 mountains here in Japan so far, there´s Tsukuba San which you could read more on here. and then there´s Takanosu-Yama who we hiked today, which translates into eagles nest mountain.

The day started with waking up to the alarm clock which was set on 4:10 am, which was followed by rushing myself through all the morning rituals in order to leave the house by 4:50. The ride itself took it´s time, around 3 hours or so with train then bus in order to arrive at a bus stop in some area east of Tokyo completely surrounded by mountains and lakes, which made it a really beautiful place, the water was really beautiful at some places. but unfortunately, the weather wasn´t. There was some rain from time to time and it was constantly clouded, which resulted in us not actually getting to the top, but we did get pretty high anyway and I still believe that the prettier areas were down by the lakes.

We then returned back to the small city that lied in the middle of the mountains by bus in order to hop on the train that passes by. But before leaving we all ate lunch at the restaurant, I had the Udon Curry:)

Regarding Saturdays soccer between Warabi Guesthouse and Nishi kawaguchi Guesthouse, we won. I mean, of course we did. But it was really fun and hopefully we´ll do it again sometime.

And here´s a cover by my favorite non Japanese artist, Katy McAllister along with Tyler Ward.

love, Simon~


Spring break is almost over, so I figured that I should sum the highlights, and I´ll start with the most recent ones which would be last Sunday aka yesterday. Where all of us from the guesthouse went over to Warabi Park to enjoy the festival with a Hanami Party. It was ridiculously beautiful and very very fun, especially the traditional japanese dances that we jumped into and learned by doing:) The park itself is on the other side of Warabi Station from the guesthouse, so it´s around a 30 minute walk from here, which is pretty okay. There were a bunch of performances on the small stage, everything from kabuki to young girls displaying choreography. I´ll include some photo´s in the gallery among with others.

There´s also a couple of new photo´s from the Tsukuba San trip, which was the highlight of the break. Thankfully not from my camera phone but from a friends camera.

Apart from the Hanami and hiking, there´s been a few birthdays and nights outs and whatnots, the usual really. Along with several weekly trips  to Arakawa.

When it comes to the school work, I´ve kept my pace in the psychology course, so there´s just the final examination left, which is a home exam starting on the 19th this month. And even though I haven´t really read ahead in the Japanese course material, I have rehearsed all the kanji´s and I´ve studied more unrelated words instead.

When it comes to Japanese Dramas, I´ve just finished Hotaru no Hikari season 1, which is a drama that is more funny than sad, and the humour is really funny, and I´m just about to start on season 2:) Apart from that, My favorite kanji is Ashita, aka tomorrow which is written as 明日, aka Bright day:)

The third day of snow~

Ohayou minna!

I don´t really have any major updates of any sort, but I do have some pictures and what not to share, that I took this morning on my way to school, and then later on the same day on my way back home(<3)~

They´re mostly from the park here in Warabi. Japan is unfortunately in mid winter at the moment so there´s a lack of flowers, but it´s still very pretty, which makes me wonder how beautiful the other seasons actually are *googelyeyes*~

The weekend will be dedicated to Ueno Park, with the national museum and hopefully much more with a few from class~

Take care, Love, Simon~

I´m here to stay~

The 22nd spells the 11th day in Japan, all of whom have been great to say the least, each with their separate memories. 11 days where I´ve done everything from strolling around in Harajuku to being on Japanese tv to meeting a great bunch of people to Tokyo´s nightlife, with it´s fair share of studying each and every day.

I listened to this single in Tower Records yesterday, a 7 floor store  in Shibuya that sells just that, records,(Well, Mostly at least). I wish that I had a budget for some reckless records shopping, but due to the fact that I don´t even have a cd player yet then I guess that it´s best to neglect those needs until I get a part time job~

And then there´s the school, and I´d have to say that I love it, it has a high schooly kind of feel to it, with really kind teachers and some pretty fantastic people in the class as well:)

The place that I´m living at is basically a dormitory named the J&F House in Warabi, half an hour from school. What I love is that there´s really all sorts of people here, and they´re all very kind. And there seems to be a lot of wholehearted traditions here that makes it feel more like a home. This picture is from a few nights ago when we all made dinner together~

I ate Japanese sushi for the first time today with a few people from J&F, I already loved it back in Sweden so there´s no surprise there. But it´s still so much more fancy here. An avocado salmon mayonese thing was pure heaven, and half of the dishes that I ate were exactly those.

I´ll try to get some pictures til next time, especially of the adorable little temple 100 meters from the house with the cute little park with the lovely little stream~