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KAGAYA-ison_fuji_1385182472_lgThere´s now less than a month left until christmas and I´m looking forward to spending this years christmas in Sweden since I spent last years in Japan. And there´s also another thing that I´ve been looking forward to for a very long time now, which would be Ison, the comet. apparently it´ll be clearly visible during most of December, so from any day now. I found this picture of Ison and Fuji for a few days ago that is just beautiful. Personally I know nothing of astronomy but, I´d love to learn how to at least find the constellations. I´m a Gemini by the way. which fits since I have the same birthday as my sister, even though we´re technically three years apart…

Lately I´ve been watching more episodes of the Tv show Vs 嵐(Vs arashi) than I ought to, but you really can´t get enough of Japanese humour imo. For those of you who don´t know, Vs Arashi is a Japanese game show where the band Arashi  competes against celebreties in a silly environment. it´s mostly against Japanese celebreties but people such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Will Smith etc have also starred.

I´ve also started watching the Korean drama Chuno, which is interesting since I know little about Korean history, it´s about 17th century(?) korean slave hunters if I were to sum it up in a misleading way. I´m also thinking about rewatching One Litre of Tears, which was the first Japanese drama that I´ve ever seen and also one of my top favorites. 

This song has nothing to do with any of the dramas I mentioned, but it is one of the very few rap songs that I actually like. I wish more rap would be like this, you know, with instruments.



The_OrphanageI had a presentation regarding orphans the other day which went really well. And I´ve also decided to use the same topic for my term paper. Not orphans in general but, the situation of the orphans living in Japan. Whom lives in a really flawed system where the majority are stuck in orphanages. In a society where adoption is shunned, and even shameful in some cases. I might write something more in-depth one day but I´ll leave that for later. I also found out that you can stream NHK World through this website, which is great if you´re interested in Japanese Tv (there´s english voiceover).  I also saw a documentary regarding the atomic bombs from that site the other day which I´m not sure what to think of.  To memorialize ones history is of course essential, but you can´t just pick and choose. one cannot ignore ones own horrific deeds. Nothing good will ever come out of that.

I saw the first episode of “Secret Garden” today, a Korean drama which seems really interesting, especially the music, I´ve been listening to it all day, even though I don´t understand a single word. But sometimes I really like that about music. Since you´ll still get the general tone of the music, and then you can just make up the rest in your head. I did that all the time before I learned to speak Japanese,


I finished a drama named Atashinchi no Danshi for a few days ago, which is a series that has the same director, and part of the cast as another drama named Hanazakari no kimitachi e which I also loved. Atashinchi is on the topic of family, specifically the relationship between a deceased father and his adopted children. A tragic theme mixed with the silly humour that you´ll find in most japanese comedies. Atashinchi focuses more on the comedy and family bonding rather than the overly depressing trend that so many Japanese dramas feature.

Since we´re on the topic on Dramas, I´ve also recently been rewatching some parts of my favorite drama of all time, One Tree Hill. No matter how much I love some drama or movie, everything pales in comparison to One Tree Hill.

Lin will be here in three days time, super excited. Most of the preparations are done, I still have some studies to get ahead of in order to take a 10 days study break once she comes. Some of the Japanese History that I study upsets me though. It´s annoying to love one aspect of a country while you despite the other.

Things held dear.

I’ll write a few lines regarding dramas, which comes second to music out of things that I love when it comes to Japan. I started with Densha Otoko last week, which was great from the start. A series which centers around a typical Japanese manga/Anime nerd who falls for a woman. I have no interest in the Manga or Anime itself but the series does reflect an ever-present part of Japan. The first few episodes were great but then it just ended up being repetitive, with the stuttering and the inferiority complexes.

I prefer dramas that are based on something real, it adds a different meaning to them. They’re generally the really tragic ones as well. Such as Sekai chuushin de, or 1 Litre of tears. I watched Taiyou no uta today, the movie(there’s the series as well). It’s both true and really great. It deals with sickness but not in the overwhelming way. The music is really great as well and I´ve been listening to it all day.


I’m currently looking into Aishiteru to itte kure. It’s a much older drama but it’s supposed to be really tragic, I cant say anything about it yet but I will when I’ve actually seen it.

I’ll switch the subject to future plans instead. It’s now February, I accepted an apartment in Sweden last week. Which I’ll move into in July. Which means that I have a 5 month window which I’ll most likely spend the larger part of in Japan. well, more or less all of it. I havent seen my Little sister, or anyone in the family for that part for more than a year now. So I’ll have to return to my hometown for a little bit before July at least.

My favorite souvenirs from Japan are not going to be some tea set bought in Kyoto or some Geisha figurines or anything of that sort, instead it’ll be a treasured collection of music and film.

Shooort~ JDrama

I started watching a drama named Hana yori Dango last week, since it´s a friends favorite drama. And I actually loved it from the start, it´s really funny so if you have any interest in Jdrama at all then I do recommend it. Apart from drowning myself in dramas lately, I´ve cut my hair, byebye long hair, it´s actually really short now, maybe a hint shorter than I´d like but it´ll grow out in no time!

I´m texting with a japanese friend at the moment and it´s always the same, as soon as I get a new text I´ll have to either A, grab whoever´s close to me for a kanji translation or B, forward it to my computer in order to google translate it:S

Apart from Hana yori Dango, I´ll just name a few other that I really like, Hotaru no Hikari is also one of the really funny dramas, and then there´s a lot of sad ones such as One litre of tears, or Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World.

I´m almost done with my psych course, another week or so! Apart from that, it´s now less then 2 weeks until my birthday:D Take care!


Spring break is almost over, so I figured that I should sum the highlights, and I´ll start with the most recent ones which would be last Sunday aka yesterday. Where all of us from the guesthouse went over to Warabi Park to enjoy the festival with a Hanami Party. It was ridiculously beautiful and very very fun, especially the traditional japanese dances that we jumped into and learned by doing:) The park itself is on the other side of Warabi Station from the guesthouse, so it´s around a 30 minute walk from here, which is pretty okay. There were a bunch of performances on the small stage, everything from kabuki to young girls displaying choreography. I´ll include some photo´s in the gallery among with others.

There´s also a couple of new photo´s from the Tsukuba San trip, which was the highlight of the break. Thankfully not from my camera phone but from a friends camera.

Apart from the Hanami and hiking, there´s been a few birthdays and nights outs and whatnots, the usual really. Along with several weekly trips  to Arakawa.

When it comes to the school work, I´ve kept my pace in the psychology course, so there´s just the final examination left, which is a home exam starting on the 19th this month. And even though I haven´t really read ahead in the Japanese course material, I have rehearsed all the kanji´s and I´ve studied more unrelated words instead.

When it comes to Japanese Dramas, I´ve just finished Hotaru no Hikari season 1, which is a drama that is more funny than sad, and the humour is really funny, and I´m just about to start on season 2:) Apart from that, My favorite kanji is Ashita, aka tomorrow which is written as 明日, aka Bright day:)