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No, it´s not just a phase~

Domo miina~

There´s 14 400 minutes, aka 240 hours, aka 10 days until I leave for Japan, which quite frankly isn´t a lot of time, but yet it still feels like a lifetime.

What´s left is basically to pick the goodies from the wardrobe, unfortunately, the bag is practically already full even though I haven´t even started with the clothes yet. However, the less I bring, the more I´ll have to shop when I´m actually there so it´s not all bad~

Where´s my puppet master?

By Glenofobia @ DeviantArt

By Glenofobia @ DeviantART

The evening will be spent cozed up in front of The Hunters, No idea if it´s good or not but Dianna Agron is in it and she´s one of my favorite actresses.

Take care and all the best for new years eve.
Love, シーモン。

The world isn´t that big, honestly.

I´m actually pretty satisfied with myself today, today was basically a nihon prep day, where I crossed off most of the things on my pre-japan-to-do-list.

Something pretty funny actually happened as well, I was at the bank(That´s not the funny part), and it turned out that the (cute) girl sitting across from me had actually studied at ISI Tokyo, which is the same school that I´m going to, and apparently she´s going to study at Waseda uni in baba, so hopefully I´ll run into her again sometime in Japan:)

I´ll miss Madde though, my hair stylist at Color:S Had my last appointment with her today. Colored and cut, Back to black with a small patch of red in it as well, and bangs:o. What´s funny is that Madde has basically been there for the whole process, I remember my first appointment with her when I spoke of hopefully one day studying in Japan. Til another one when I told her I´d made the application, Til the next where I actually got accepted, and then today, where it´s just 13 days away~

I also picked out my outfit that I´ll wear on the first day of school, (I´ll also introduce it at pluto this Wednesday but that´s irrelevant:S), Any who, Tight black pants, a white longed sleeved woolen shirt and a black vest on top of it:)

12 days til Japan!


My last two weeks~

I have 17 days left in Sweden, 17 days, the majority of these days will be spent in places I´d rather not be. What I´m glad for though, is that I´ll at least get to spend a few of those days in the place I´ve come to call home,

I´ll go back home to Västerås on Monday, and remain there til Thursday, a period that will be devoted to I´ll miss you´s.

Music has always been able to turn my mood around in and instant, and this will be no different, it has to be.

What´s a shame though is that most of the people that I´ve come to call friends, which is a term that I don´t take lightly, are far gone for the holidays.

I just love watching japanese music videos or concert dvds,
because I know that it´s where my
heart truely lies.

Back to black?


Ohayoo, I passed my japanese conversation test today with flying colors. Which feels great, but it also means that I´m officially done with the course, which feels not as great. I guess that individual studies till mid January will have to do.

I´ll dedicate this entry to music, by sharing a few of my favorites.

I saw Gackt live, for the first time(and yes, only time as of yet) during the summer here in Sweden during his YFC tour, which I loved, But I´d love to see something more… honest in Japan.

Then there´s Gacharic Spin~

With a hauntingly beautiful song named Earring~

In other news, I´ll probably go back to dying my hair black, due to what seems to be a ridiculously tight budget in Japan.

ja mata ne?


Ohayoo miina~

I´m currently watching the season 4 finale of The Big Bang Theory, which just so happens to be my favorite episode from the series.

I adore Raj´s effort in order to distinguish between eating and dining. Small little tidbits which can be applied to everything in life, which I´d like to believe I´m pretty good at, with candles and all~

And this cutie on the side happens to be my adorable little sister, Amanda, referred to as Panda. 

It´s now the 20th of December, the day of my Japanese Exam, but it also means that it´s 4 days to Christmas, 11 days to New years, and 20 days to Tokyo. Fairly sure as of how I´ll spend most of these days, except for New years eve that is~

I´ve practically spent every waking moment for the past 2 days with the hauntingly beautiful voice of gackt in the background, the second act of the sixth day and seventh night has always managed to keep my mood where it belongs, nothing short of fearless with a can-do attitude to die for.

Tomorrow, wednesday, will be dedicated to a very beloved friend
with goodbye sushi*tears*


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Are we there yet?


I would like to start off with sharing another photo from Tokyofaces. And this time of a certain model who puts the word kaimono on my mind.

Which translates into Shopping, what I´m trying to say is that I can´t wait until the day when I´m actually able to just stroll around in shinjuku on a day to day basis with a new outfit every day(and yes I´m allowed to have dreams)~

Wandering through starry skies
And when tomorrow’s day arrives
I’ll be a moment closer to the
Brightest Hour here with you

Brightest Hour – The Submarines

And this second photo is from Warabi City, Saitama. And it´s actually the only photo that I have of my future home. Warabi Student Hotel, s&f House~

With love, Simon~

Because it means everything~

There comes a day when you realize that you’re not just a survivor, you’re a warrior. tougher than anything that life throws your way.

Your friends are the family you choose. And even though my feelings of  family might be a bit off, my definition of friends certainly isn´t.

“First you’re gonna let go. Then we´re going to sit, and you are going to cry on my shoulder for as long as you need to.”

Twenty two days to go and the realization that´s it not only positive starts to creep in, there´s a lot of meaningful friends here and I believe it´s worth mentioning~