My last two weeks~

I have 17 days left in Sweden, 17 days, the majority of these days will be spent in places I´d rather not be. What I´m glad for though, is that I´ll at least get to spend a few of those days in the place I´ve come to call home,

I´ll go back home to Västerås on Monday, and remain there til Thursday, a period that will be devoted to I´ll miss you´s.

Music has always been able to turn my mood around in and instant, and this will be no different, it has to be.

What´s a shame though is that most of the people that I´ve come to call friends, which is a term that I don´t take lightly, are far gone for the holidays.

I just love watching japanese music videos or concert dvds,
because I know that it´s where my
heart truely lies.


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