“You might be surrounded by clouds, but you´ll always be like sunshine to me”~

Today has been fully devoted to me, I´m currently held up in the sofa with cute little candles spread out all over the apartment, lighting it up just perfectly now during the middle of the night. The best part of the day was the phone call from a friend though, I love when people are being genuinely nice.

“Dreams, dreams, dreams. I walk them; I live them. I delude myself with them. It’s a wonder I can spot reality anymore.”~

 I watched the movie Speak tonight(yes again). And I´d just like to mention it because I think it´s brilliant.

As for the whole Japan process, I´m still practically just waiting, the visa application is in process, so hopefully I´ll get to spend a day in Stockholm next week and pick up my Visa as I´m there.

Any who, I´ll now spend the rest of the night crawled up in bed with Bloodlines, Adrian Ivashkov is exactly my type of humor.

Ja mata ne!

(Photo by takeyourhatred @ DA)


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