Ohayoo miina~

I´m currently watching the season 4 finale of The Big Bang Theory, which just so happens to be my favorite episode from the series.

I adore Raj´s effort in order to distinguish between eating and dining. Small little tidbits which can be applied to everything in life, which I´d like to believe I´m pretty good at, with candles and all~

And this cutie on the side happens to be my adorable little sister, Amanda, referred to as Panda. 

It´s now the 20th of December, the day of my Japanese Exam, but it also means that it´s 4 days to Christmas, 11 days to New years, and 20 days to Tokyo. Fairly sure as of how I´ll spend most of these days, except for New years eve that is~

I´ve practically spent every waking moment for the past 2 days with the hauntingly beautiful voice of gackt in the background, the second act of the sixth day and seventh night has always managed to keep my mood where it belongs, nothing short of fearless with a can-do attitude to die for.

Tomorrow, wednesday, will be dedicated to a very beloved friend
with goodbye sushi*tears*



2 thoughts on “Amanda-Panda

  1. I also had my final oral exam the 20th!!!
    but it was in Chinese 🙂 it really feels weird that the course is over, but my mother will try to force the Mandarin out of me whenever she can 😉

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