My new home~

Ohayoo minna~

It´s hard to believe that it´s just 10 days left til christmas, and what´s worse is that it´s actually even harder to appreciate it due to the fact that it´s basically just “one of those days” that lies between now and the rest of my life.

There´s now 26 days left until I move abroad. And as of today, I actually know where exactly in Tokyo that I´ll end up!

As it was, I could have been placed in one out of 3 student hotels. and being as lucky as I am, I actually ended up in the one that I seemed to like the most, In Warabi City, in Saitama:)

Another picture from Tokyofaces just because
It´s absolutely stunning~

There´s also one week left until my final conversation test in my Japanese class, and strange as it is, I actually feel a teeny bit nervous:S

And I read a beautiful blog post today regarding Hiroshima´s Peace Memorial Ceremony, something that I´d love to, and definitely will attend in august.

Take care~ Love, Simon. 


2 thoughts on “My new home~

  1. You’re making me wanna cryyyy, Simon! Not sure whether out of jealousy over the fact that you’re moving to bloody Tokyo, or the fact that I will miss you so goddamn much 😦 … You know… There’s always a chance you could squeeze me into your handluggage, yes? ^^

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