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Nap time~

Monday eve and I´m only awake due to the fact that I´ve already taken my nap. Some days over here are really long, but you generally dont feel it until you´ve actually made it back home safe and sound. I love my days here, I do, and I´d pick too much to do over too little any day.

And besides, collapsing in my room really isn´t that bad. My room is adorable as it is, which a lot of people has been kind enough to point out. And snuggling up in it to a gackt dvd is the perfect pick me up to get ready for another day~

I’m out of touch, I’m out of love
I’ll pick you up when you’re getting down
and out of all these things I’ve done
I think I love you better now

And it’s so hard to say it but I’ve been here before
and I will surrender up my heart
and swap it for yours

Photo by, one of my favorite blogs. She´s really beautiful.

I love fashion in general here in Japan, always has, it´s so simple minded in Sweden, it´s a shame.

Sayonara, Simon~


Ueno Park & Warabi night life

Hi since last. It´s now saturday eve, so I figured that I should sum up the weekend here before a new week begins.

And as you might have already read, the saturday morning & noon was spent in Ueno Park. Which is a pretty beautiful place, and I can´t wait to see it during the cherry blossom season, when the winter is long gone.

The park is obviously not just a park, there´s plenty to it, with several museums, a Zoo and much more. The part of it that I loved the most though was the shinto shrine named Toshogu, with a beautiful monument dedicated to the hope of peace in a world without nuclear weapons. And the flame itself inside the dove is said to have it´s origin from the fires after the  Hiroshima incident.

We also visited the Tokyo National Museum, The museums Park is unfortunately closed for the majority of the year, but I´ll definetly have to visit it during the cherry blossom season when it´s open. The architecture is all very pretty and there´s a lot of beautiful objects to see in the museum itself.

The time in Ueno was spent with people from the class, along with this really cool and kind japanese person in red who we met there in Ueno.

My Camera unfortunately broke, for no good reason. So I had to use my cell phones camera so gomene for the quality:)

I love japanese children, they´re all so adorable and energetic. they were so cute chasing birds in the park.

Saturday eve~

After the Ueno part, I returned home to Warabi for some dinner and a night out with friends from the guest house. At a local bar/mini club or whatever I´m now supposed to call it named Grasp. Never the less, we spent the night there and I had a lot of fun. So all in all, it was a great weekend.

Love, Simon~



It´s now a little bit past 2 am, and my online lecture on psychology just ended. For this semester I´ll be studying a distance course called Developmental Psychology, the early years. As well as my full time Japanese studies here in Tokyo.

I was a bit worried at first, but the psychology course seems to be a breeze, so I´m sure that everything will work out perfectly fine, especially due to the fact that I actually like the subject. The issue though, will be to find viable Japanese test subjects:)

Another picture from Tokyofaces, Adorable.

As strange as this may seem, I´ve realized that Tokyo really doesn´t feel that big. And sure, there´s people everywhere, but it never ever feels chaotic.

The plans for tomorrow are as follows, the regular classes from 1-5pm, followed by sayonara-dinner with friends from class, due to the fact that Guv san is leaving us. And then apparently karaoke:o

Love, Simon~

The third day of snow~

Ohayou minna!

I don´t really have any major updates of any sort, but I do have some pictures and what not to share, that I took this morning on my way to school, and then later on the same day on my way back home(<3)~

They´re mostly from the park here in Warabi. Japan is unfortunately in mid winter at the moment so there´s a lack of flowers, but it´s still very pretty, which makes me wonder how beautiful the other seasons actually are *googelyeyes*~

The weekend will be dedicated to Ueno Park, with the national museum and hopefully much more with a few from class~

Take care, Love, Simon~

I´m here to stay~

The 22nd spells the 11th day in Japan, all of whom have been great to say the least, each with their separate memories. 11 days where I´ve done everything from strolling around in Harajuku to being on Japanese tv to meeting a great bunch of people to Tokyo´s nightlife, with it´s fair share of studying each and every day.

I listened to this single in Tower Records yesterday, a 7 floor store  in Shibuya that sells just that, records,(Well, Mostly at least). I wish that I had a budget for some reckless records shopping, but due to the fact that I don´t even have a cd player yet then I guess that it´s best to neglect those needs until I get a part time job~

And then there´s the school, and I´d have to say that I love it, it has a high schooly kind of feel to it, with really kind teachers and some pretty fantastic people in the class as well:)

The place that I´m living at is basically a dormitory named the J&F House in Warabi, half an hour from school. What I love is that there´s really all sorts of people here, and they´re all very kind. And there seems to be a lot of wholehearted traditions here that makes it feel more like a home. This picture is from a few nights ago when we all made dinner together~

I ate Japanese sushi for the first time today with a few people from J&F, I already loved it back in Sweden so there´s no surprise there. But it´s still so much more fancy here. An avocado salmon mayonese thing was pure heaven, and half of the dishes that I ate were exactly those.

I´ll try to get some pictures til next time, especially of the adorable little temple 100 meters from the house with the cute little park with the lovely little stream~

Sex & Sexuality or Teen psychology?

Hellloo. I figured that I could share a little bit of everything today, partly some pictures of my new future home along with some music as well as some future plans in general.

I ran across another blog yesterday, one of a student in Tokyo who just so happened to have lived in the student hotel that I´ll live in as well, so I of course figured that I could steal those pictures and use them here:) And the mentioned blog is

I´m actually pretty happy with the way it looks. The rooms are fairly small, but that also means that they´re fairly easy to decorate cozily.

And I spoke to my study advisor yesterday, regarding the possibility of switching homes, which according to her shouldn´t be a problem. Because there´s actually a dorm room on campus, and quite frankly, I think that it´d be pretty neat to live in the middle of Tokyo. But that´s something that I´ll look into after school start.

This song is by vamps, and it´s beautiful~

Apart from the Japanese studies, I´ll have to study at least one course through a university here in Sweden, a distance course of course.

And I´m stuck choosing between Youth, sexuality and the internet or Developmental psychology, the early years. I guess that I´m leaning more towards the developmental psychology course, the sex and sexuality course is interesting as well though:S

And I know I´ve shared this one before, but it´s simply because it´s that good~

Til next time, leaving in 6 days, Take care~