Ueno Park & Warabi night life

Hi since last. It´s now saturday eve, so I figured that I should sum up the weekend here before a new week begins.

And as you might have already read, the saturday morning & noon was spent in Ueno Park. Which is a pretty beautiful place, and I can´t wait to see it during the cherry blossom season, when the winter is long gone.

The park is obviously not just a park, there´s plenty to it, with several museums, a Zoo and much more. The part of it that I loved the most though was the shinto shrine named Toshogu, with a beautiful monument dedicated to the hope of peace in a world without nuclear weapons. And the flame itself inside the dove is said to have it´s origin from the fires after the  Hiroshima incident.

We also visited the Tokyo National Museum, The museums Park is unfortunately closed for the majority of the year, but I´ll definetly have to visit it during the cherry blossom season when it´s open. The architecture is all very pretty and there´s a lot of beautiful objects to see in the museum itself.

The time in Ueno was spent with people from the class, along with this really cool and kind japanese person in red who we met there in Ueno.

My Camera unfortunately broke, for no good reason. So I had to use my cell phones camera so gomene for the quality:)

I love japanese children, they´re all so adorable and energetic. they were so cute chasing birds in the park.

Saturday eve~

After the Ueno part, I returned home to Warabi for some dinner and a night out with friends from the guest house. At a local bar/mini club or whatever I´m now supposed to call it named Grasp. Never the less, we spent the night there and I had a lot of fun. So all in all, it was a great weekend.

Love, Simon~


2 thoughts on “Ueno Park & Warabi night life

  1. This all sounds really lovely and everything looks real pretty in the photos. I am glad you’re enjoying yourself. /Big sister

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