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Immigration & Stitch

It´s soon March, which means that I could have at most another 3 months here in Japan. That is if I´d choose to go to Korea and then back to Japan. Instead of just going back to Sweden right away. I was pretty sure that I could just change my Visa into a tourist visa without actually leaving. you know, since that´s what Immigration told me themselves. Which I was today told otherwise.

To get different answers regarding such matters simply depending upon who you´re lucky/unlucky to get on the other side of the phone is absurd.

Lin is really busy at work but she has said that she wants to travel. so I´ll have to see if I can drag her along with me to Korea for a little while. It´s not exactly the ideal destination due to recent events but anywho. I´d rather not return to Sweden all too soon due to the fact that I wont have my apartment until July.


We watched Lilo & Stitch yesterday, I dont think that I´ve ever seen it all the way through before yesterday. But Lin really likes that little thing. I even bought her a Stitch cup from Disney Sea which I went to last week. In order to celebrate a friends birthday. I of course bought a cup to myself as well, one of Maleficent. From my second favorite Disney Film Sleeping Beauty. My absolute favorite is Pocahontas. who seems to be completely absent from both Disney Land and Disney Sea which is just sad!

I liked Disney Sea over Land, especially due to the ending event. Sea includes all the scary stuff. There´s still a lot of attractions which we did not manage to get into though, such as the haunted house and the roller coaster. But maybe another time.


I feel as if there are so many things that I could have written about yet I haven´t put any of it down on paper. Never the less, the past month or so has been perfect, and I´ve found myself enjoying each and every day of it. Today has been fairly calm, todays class was great and then I ran some errands for my JLPT (japanese level proficiency test) which I´m taking in December, N2. After that, I did some shopping, clothes of course. Two shirts from Zara and a shirt and jeans from H&M. I then returned home and ate Dinner, Curry that I made with Rin yesterday. Which was followed by some reading for a while until Rin came home<3.

I recently bought a few books that I´ve wanted to read for quite a while now, which is what I´ll try to keep myself busy with during the weekend, since Rin is busy with other stuff . One of them is “The Golden lily”, which is the follow up to bloodlines which I loved a lot, as well as Meads previous books.

Work moves on as usual, basically every Saturday unless there´s special holidays during the weekdays where I can substitute school with work. Fall break is coming up soon so I´ll work a lot then as well, I´ve also planned a trip to Nikko during the consecutive Holiday weekend with Rin, which I´m really looking forward to, we booked the hotel the other day. Nikko is famous for it´s temples and the fall colors, which I think will be beautiful.

I´ll try to write more soon~~ Love, Simon

“But then the sun came up and reality set in”

Hi hi, it´s almost been a month and for that I suppose I´m sorry, not really but anyhow. There´s just a few days left of summer break, school starts again on Monday and until then I´m swamped with work, I´ve been working everyday lately and I will continue doing so up to and including Saturday.

Sunday will be my one day off before classes start again, a day that will be spent with a trip to an Aquarium with a japanese friend of mine, always wanted to go but my Aquarium plans has always seem to fall through so fingers crossed.

Summer break itself hasn’t really been that spectacular, there were a few sad days but apart from that it´s been okay, busy with work which is good considering that I have a neverending list of things that I want to buy, especially souvenirs and decorations for Sweden. I´m still trying to figure out as of when I should go back, school ends on the 21st of December and Sweden´s spring semester doesn´t start until around the 25th of January, so somewhere in between that window, I could make it home for christmas but that would mean an entire month just doing nothing in Sweden, I think that I´d rather work for a few more weeks here in Japan instead:S Which would mean me missing my first christmas ever..

I always went to see the Odaiba oHanabi with a few friends the other day! My second ohanabi here in Japan, they were both really beautiful and It´s a really great summer tradition.


The 6 month mark and Kamakura

Today, July the 10th marks my first half-year here in Japan, 6 months that has gone by ridiculously fast and each and every one of them is filled with their fair share of memories, I figured that I should share two events that happened recently, one being the trip to Kamakura and Yokohama, and two being the day before yesterday´s dinner party with some Japanese friends who I couldn´t be happier over having.

June the 30th was spent with my friend Kaku in Kamakura followed by Yokohama, We left really early in the morning and we were´t home until late, Kamakura lies along the ocean, which was one of the areas that I liked the most, but there´s also plenty of temples to visit, we went to three and they were all really beautiful, one of them is the home of the famous giant buddha statue that can be seen in some of the pictures below.

After Kamakura, we took the train to Yokohama, which lies directly below Tokyo. We first visited China Town which was really beautiful at dusk. We ate some Chinese food which I love, I´m awful at remembering the names though but I do love Chinese cooking over Japanese:) After China Town, we went to the river side where you can see the ferries wheel and everything.

Last weekend was spent at a Japanese friend named Atsuko´s house in Chiba, with a group of friends who I´ve been meeting a lot for the past 2 months since I first met them.

It was a “hot dog party”,  But we all brought a little bit of everything and then we had a really great day:) I came with some grapes and cherries for dessert.

The photo below is of Asami trying to teach me a song on the flute, it was confusing but I got it eventually:)

I´ll include the gallery below, in no particular order at all what so ever, and I´m sorry for barely writing anything lately:)


It´s June and some days are ridiculously warm, it´s still spring here, even though we´re moving towards the end of it. There´s been a few birthdays and some nights out since last, and the other day was spent in Warabi Park with bbq and volleyball, which was a lot of fun~

I´m all done with the spring terms psychology class, so I´m completely devoted to Japanese for the summer and fall. I´m still trying to choose what I´d like to study during next years spring semester though, and I´ve boiled it down to languages, either more Japanese or a fresh start in Chinese. I´ve decided that my goal with Uni is to become fluent in Japanese, and “morethendecent” in Chinese. Speaking 4 languages seems like a pretty neat perk, so that´s what I´ve decided to go for.

At the moment, I´m catching up on vocab, I´ve apparently just learned about half of the 35ish new words that we get every third day for the past 5 chapters. There´s this great little app named Anki that I usually use, it´s a flashcards app, and it works really great so vocab is generally not a problem, I´ve just not devoted that much time to it lately.

Seeing that makes me happy, you´ll continue to live on. But in my case, it´s not the same, in the future that I have left, how should I go about living it? That´s it, that´s all there is. 

A modified passage from the video above, which is from 1 Litre of Tears, I´m still longing for the day when I´m actually able to read the book, but there´s still a long way to go until then.

My birthday weekend~

Hello again, it´s almost been half a month since last, gomen:o A lot has happened since last though. And my birthday has come and gone! Which would now make me 21:) So I´ll shares some photo´s from the birthday weekend as well as Disney land and what not~

But I´ll start off with music, Leo Ieiri is one of my favorite artists, and she has two really famous songs, Sabrina and Shine. And they´re really cheerful, I´m currently using shine from my studies, which is one of my favorite ways of learning vocab and kanji´s on. To just study the lyrics.

The 25th of May was spent in Disney Land, which lies in Chiba, a bit outside of Tokyo. We were there all day, from 10 in the morning til after the hanabi at night. There are two daily parades, and I only have photo´s of the day parade. Since my phones battery died. Disney Land in general is of course more beautiful at night, with all the lights and all. It´s spring in Japan, so it has the easter theme now. The theme changes with the seasons, I´d love to see the Halloween theme during fall.

There are a bunch of different carousels and rides, my favorite one was Splash Mountain, which reminds me of my childhood trips down to Lisseberg back in Sweden, since they have a similar thing there.

The day after Disney Land was the 26th, the day before my birthday. Lunch time til early evening was spent at a friends flower exhibition in Shinjuku, which was really beautiful and creative. And I then met up with two friends for sushi and then a night out in Shibuya @vision~

The birthday itself was celebrated in Warabi, dinner with friends from the guesthouse til late. Followed by spending the night singing Karaoke til 5 in the morning, which is something that I love. I had school the other day though but I knew what I were getting myself into..

My psychology is due next week, and I´m almost finished. Truth be told, I´ve barely studied it from the past 2 weeks, but I basically just have th finishing touches left to do. And the Japanese studies are going perfectly fine.

Oh and I cut my hair! And I´m all out of things to share since I´m tired, so oyasumi~

Heart under blade~

The golden week is over and I´m back in school, there´s really nothing new to say about school itself so I´ll just move on to the rest of the day. I just finished watching a japanese movie named Shinobi, Heart under blade. a movie that I ran into the other day due to the fact that it´s featured in a music video of Ayumi Hamasaki, which can be found below.

I´m not much for fighting and things of that sort in movies, which has it´s fare share in Shinobi. But there´s more to it, the perspective of life that most characters seem to share is all wrong but love plays it´s part, so I do believe that it´s worth watching, at least I enjoyed it. Here´s the imdb link~

Apart from that, I managed to squeeze in a trip to the gym today which I´m happy about. I´m still busy on a daily basis with my psychology, but fortunately, I got a pretty good grade on assignment nr 2(out of 3) so I really don´t have to do that well on this home exam in order to pass. But on the other hand, it´s not like I´m aiming for the bare minimum:o

The golden week ended with a night out in Shibuya, but before that we went to Yoyogi Park, which I actually loved. The club itself on the other hand, not as much. But the time before and after, very much so:)

I´ll just go ahead and share one last music video, also by Ayumi Hamasaki, named M, one of my favorite songs by her.

And it´s now 2 am so nighty nighty, Love Simon~