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The_OrphanageI had a presentation regarding orphans the other day which went really well. And I´ve also decided to use the same topic for my term paper. Not orphans in general but, the situation of the orphans living in Japan. Whom lives in a really flawed system where the majority are stuck in orphanages. In a society where adoption is shunned, and even shameful in some cases. I might write something more in-depth one day but I´ll leave that for later. I also found out that you can stream NHK World through this website, which is great if you´re interested in Japanese Tv (there´s english voiceover).  I also saw a documentary regarding the atomic bombs from that site the other day which I´m not sure what to think of.  To memorialize ones history is of course essential, but you can´t just pick and choose. one cannot ignore ones own horrific deeds. Nothing good will ever come out of that.

I saw the first episode of “Secret Garden” today, a Korean drama which seems really interesting, especially the music, I´ve been listening to it all day, even though I don´t understand a single word. But sometimes I really like that about music. Since you´ll still get the general tone of the music, and then you can just make up the rest in your head. I did that all the time before I learned to speak Japanese,



It’s monday and I’m really tired from a day of doing more or less nothing,  tomorrow’s my one day of the week with classes. Which might sound great to some but due to studying on distance through Swedish Universities, there’s the 7 hour time difference which means that my last class of the day ends at 1:30 am. The newest class which started last week is based on some really old Japanese short novels, it’s interesting but the outdated language and symbols makes it a lot more challenging. I turned in the report on a text named Umi yesterday, I liked it but it’s very vague which lead to a lot  of speculation on my part.

Monday means Vikings, a relatively new tv series featuring just that, Vikings:). There’s even a Swede or two in it. I watch it with Lin every week which we’ll do once she comes home from Work. And here’s a fun fact, most Asians does not know the difference between Vikings and Pirates, which I find hilarious. There’s also thing game show named Vs Arashi, one of my favorites. Which includes a game which is name “Vikingsomethingsomething”, but it’s actually a pirate ship with a pirate flag:S

I’ll have to make my way over to the post office as soon as possible, to start shipping things back home to Sweden, mostly a bunch of Magazines. I think that I’ve said it before but my favorite souvenirs are Books, Music and Magazines.


Movie day: Les misérables

“If you wish to understand what Revolution is, call it Progress; and if you wish to understand what Progress is, call it Tomorrow.”

The first of march is over, which means that the monthly movie day in Japan is over as well. A day where once every month, the price of the tickets at the cinema takes a deep steep downwards. I tend to go together with Lin for most of those days, last month was of course The Hobbit. And this month was Les misérables.

I think that musicals in general can be really great, I love singing and it´s a great medium to convey a message with. I thought that Les misérables was great and something that everyone should give a try. The music was really beautiful and the characters fit perfectly with their actors. The musical conveys a lot, the more central of course being love but definitely not just to the normal extent. It expresses freedom, second chances but most of all standing united behind a cause.

I´ll include the Oscar performance, since it´s really beautiful.

“To love another person is to see the face of God.”

Sitting in a cinema filled with Asians made me think as of how they perceive it due to language barriers, since a English speaking Japanese is a rare commodity. In a normal everyday film the subtitles are more than enough but when it comes to musicals, I think that a lot will be lost in translation. Understanding the lyrics the way they are sung makes it inspiring. Inspiration that probably pales if you´d have to get the message through subtitles.

I´m really looking forward to seeing The host whenever it comes to Japan. It´s pretty annoying that they´re so far behind the rest of the world.

Immigration & Stitch

It´s soon March, which means that I could have at most another 3 months here in Japan. That is if I´d choose to go to Korea and then back to Japan. Instead of just going back to Sweden right away. I was pretty sure that I could just change my Visa into a tourist visa without actually leaving. you know, since that´s what Immigration told me themselves. Which I was today told otherwise.

To get different answers regarding such matters simply depending upon who you´re lucky/unlucky to get on the other side of the phone is absurd.

Lin is really busy at work but she has said that she wants to travel. so I´ll have to see if I can drag her along with me to Korea for a little while. It´s not exactly the ideal destination due to recent events but anywho. I´d rather not return to Sweden all too soon due to the fact that I wont have my apartment until July.


We watched Lilo & Stitch yesterday, I dont think that I´ve ever seen it all the way through before yesterday. But Lin really likes that little thing. I even bought her a Stitch cup from Disney Sea which I went to last week. In order to celebrate a friends birthday. I of course bought a cup to myself as well, one of Maleficent. From my second favorite Disney Film Sleeping Beauty. My absolute favorite is Pocahontas. who seems to be completely absent from both Disney Land and Disney Sea which is just sad!

I liked Disney Sea over Land, especially due to the ending event. Sea includes all the scary stuff. There´s still a lot of attractions which we did not manage to get into though, such as the haunted house and the roller coaster. But maybe another time.

Things held dear.

I’ll write a few lines regarding dramas, which comes second to music out of things that I love when it comes to Japan. I started with Densha Otoko last week, which was great from the start. A series which centers around a typical Japanese manga/Anime nerd who falls for a woman. I have no interest in the Manga or Anime itself but the series does reflect an ever-present part of Japan. The first few episodes were great but then it just ended up being repetitive, with the stuttering and the inferiority complexes.

I prefer dramas that are based on something real, it adds a different meaning to them. They’re generally the really tragic ones as well. Such as Sekai chuushin de, or 1 Litre of tears. I watched Taiyou no uta today, the movie(there’s the series as well). It’s both true and really great. It deals with sickness but not in the overwhelming way. The music is really great as well and I´ve been listening to it all day.


I’m currently looking into Aishiteru to itte kure. It’s a much older drama but it’s supposed to be really tragic, I cant say anything about it yet but I will when I’ve actually seen it.

I’ll switch the subject to future plans instead. It’s now February, I accepted an apartment in Sweden last week. Which I’ll move into in July. Which means that I have a 5 month window which I’ll most likely spend the larger part of in Japan. well, more or less all of it. I havent seen my Little sister, or anyone in the family for that part for more than a year now. So I’ll have to return to my hometown for a little bit before July at least.

My favorite souvenirs from Japan are not going to be some tea set bought in Kyoto or some Geisha figurines or anything of that sort, instead it’ll be a treasured collection of music and film.

From here on.

I went shopping for textbooks yesterday, the spring term starts up next week. A term which will consist of 45hp(150%) of Japanese studies. With general Japanese, manga as well as shorter novels. I’ve never read a manga in my entire life and I can’t really say that I’m looking forward to it, but it’s a part of Japan so I guess I’ll have to give it a try. I’m much more looking forward to the next term which will be translations and things of that sort, unless I change my mind:). But this term will be fun as well, I’ll miss having a real campus to take the courses at though, since the spring term will be read on distance from Japan. Which makes the time difference a bit of an obstacle, the morning class in Sweden results in 6pm here in Japan, and the evening class ends up being 4am in Japan…

March will probably include a trip to Taiwan, we haven’t decided exactly yet but most likely. Lin wishes to stay in Taipei and I’d like to go to her hometown, in order to meet her family, which she’s still a bit reluctant to. Cultural differences can be great in some ways but this is definitely not one of them.

That’s it for today, I’ll write soon.

A day in the Snow

Ha-ai, we got Snow to Tokyo today:), The first snow is always fun, even though I know that it’ll turn around pretty soon. But this was Lin’s first real snow so off we went to play in the park after a late breakfast. I thought that it would be packed with kids, the park, but there were more or less barely anyone there which is really strange, I’d figure that all the kids would do just about anything in order to play around since they don’t really get this kind of snow that often. Nevertheless, at least a few came around. wish I’d had my lil sis Panda there though:)

We went to see The Hobbit yesterday, and I really loved it. It was really great and so much better than The Lords of the rings trilogy. Cant wait to see the next one. It makes it so much different when everyone’s not just under the same banner, black and white, good and evil, evil is just a point of view.

It’s kinda cold outside, so we’re just about to cook some hot ramen and then there’s still a few bottles of glögg left untouched. I’ll sign off for now, take care.