It´s now a little bit past 2 am, and my online lecture on psychology just ended. For this semester I´ll be studying a distance course called Developmental Psychology, the early years. As well as my full time Japanese studies here in Tokyo.

I was a bit worried at first, but the psychology course seems to be a breeze, so I´m sure that everything will work out perfectly fine, especially due to the fact that I actually like the subject. The issue though, will be to find viable Japanese test subjects:)

Another picture from Tokyofaces, Adorable.

As strange as this may seem, I´ve realized that Tokyo really doesn´t feel that big. And sure, there´s people everywhere, but it never ever feels chaotic.

The plans for tomorrow are as follows, the regular classes from 1-5pm, followed by sayonara-dinner with friends from class, due to the fact that Guv san is leaving us. And then apparently karaoke:o

Love, Simon~


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