Shooort~ JDrama

I started watching a drama named Hana yori Dango last week, since it´s a friends favorite drama. And I actually loved it from the start, it´s really funny so if you have any interest in Jdrama at all then I do recommend it. Apart from drowning myself in dramas lately, I´ve cut my hair, byebye long hair, it´s actually really short now, maybe a hint shorter than I´d like but it´ll grow out in no time!

I´m texting with a japanese friend at the moment and it´s always the same, as soon as I get a new text I´ll have to either A, grab whoever´s close to me for a kanji translation or B, forward it to my computer in order to google translate it:S

Apart from Hana yori Dango, I´ll just name a few other that I really like, Hotaru no Hikari is also one of the really funny dramas, and then there´s a lot of sad ones such as One litre of tears, or Crying Out Love, In the Center of the World.

I´m almost done with my psych course, another week or so! Apart from that, it´s now less then 2 weeks until my birthday:D Take care!


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