My birthday weekend~

Hello again, it´s almost been half a month since last, gomen:o A lot has happened since last though. And my birthday has come and gone! Which would now make me 21:) So I´ll shares some photo´s from the birthday weekend as well as Disney land and what not~

But I´ll start off with music, Leo Ieiri is one of my favorite artists, and she has two really famous songs, Sabrina and Shine. And they´re really cheerful, I´m currently using shine from my studies, which is one of my favorite ways of learning vocab and kanji´s on. To just study the lyrics.

The 25th of May was spent in Disney Land, which lies in Chiba, a bit outside of Tokyo. We were there all day, from 10 in the morning til after the hanabi at night. There are two daily parades, and I only have photo´s of the day parade. Since my phones battery died. Disney Land in general is of course more beautiful at night, with all the lights and all. It´s spring in Japan, so it has the easter theme now. The theme changes with the seasons, I´d love to see the Halloween theme during fall.

There are a bunch of different carousels and rides, my favorite one was Splash Mountain, which reminds me of my childhood trips down to Lisseberg back in Sweden, since they have a similar thing there.

The day after Disney Land was the 26th, the day before my birthday. Lunch time til early evening was spent at a friends flower exhibition in Shinjuku, which was really beautiful and creative. And I then met up with two friends for sushi and then a night out in Shibuya @vision~

The birthday itself was celebrated in Warabi, dinner with friends from the guesthouse til late. Followed by spending the night singing Karaoke til 5 in the morning, which is something that I love. I had school the other day though but I knew what I were getting myself into..

My psychology is due next week, and I´m almost finished. Truth be told, I´ve barely studied it from the past 2 weeks, but I basically just have th finishing touches left to do. And the Japanese studies are going perfectly fine.

Oh and I cut my hair! And I´m all out of things to share since I´m tired, so oyasumi~


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