Me time~

Yesterday was the first day in one and a half week where I actually felt as if I could just put everything aside and focus on what´s important, which would be myself. School is well under way and apart from that I´m currently in the process of writing the home exam for my psychology course, which leaves me with less spare time than I´d like during the weeks, but it´ll all be over within the next few weeks and from there on everything will be peachy~

So yesterday, as always, started with school til 5pm. Afterwards I met up with some friends and spent the evening till 11 or so at a 300yen Izakaya, I then returned to Warabi by 12 just to head out again with some other friends to a more local relatively new sports bar, even though I have no interest in sports whatsoever. But it was actually a pretty neat place and the bartender was really cute, so there.

Monday means new student loans, which will be more then welcomed. Item nr1 on my purchase list is finally a cell phone. I can´t believe I´ve waited this long. Apart from that I do want to shop some clothes, but I won´t overdo it this month, just a few essentials~


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