Laying in your arms is like the first snow, delicate yet takes my breath away~

the 11th will mark two things, first of all school start, as well as my third month here in Japan. A period that so far has been really good, honestly. And it feels as if it´ll just get better, it feels more homey. I wish my japanese language skills were better though but I´ll get there.

There´s another one and a half week left of our spring break, the days are pretty calm, I do try to study at least a little bit everyday when it comes to the Japanese, mainly by rehearsing lyrics, in order to pick up some words/kanji´s that I´m still not supposed to know.

Next year spells my return to Sweden, I´ve been exchanging some emails with some student counselors at my Uni(They were´t very helpful), nevertheless, the path that I´m on means language studies, ie Japanese and English until the bachelor´s requirements are fulfilled~ I´m not really frustrated over the idea of returning as I were before, I mean, my time at uni were actually something that I enjoyed, and I´m sure I can make something out of it. It´s not ideal but I´ll just have to make the best out of it~

These two songs basically represents what I´ve been listening to lately, the Korean version of 2NE1´s Go away is really good aswell, the MV is a lot more tragic. I watched In Time yesterday, a movie that I really recommend, with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. It´s pretty unique~



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