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Spring break is almost over, so I figured that I should sum the highlights, and I´ll start with the most recent ones which would be last Sunday aka yesterday. Where all of us from the guesthouse went over to Warabi Park to enjoy the festival with a Hanami Party. It was ridiculously beautiful and very very fun, especially the traditional japanese dances that we jumped into and learned by doing:) The park itself is on the other side of Warabi Station from the guesthouse, so it´s around a 30 minute walk from here, which is pretty okay. There were a bunch of performances on the small stage, everything from kabuki to young girls displaying choreography. I´ll include some photo´s in the gallery among with others.

There´s also a couple of new photo´s from the Tsukuba San trip, which was the highlight of the break. Thankfully not from my camera phone but from a friends camera.

Apart from the Hanami and hiking, there´s been a few birthdays and nights outs and whatnots, the usual really. Along with several weekly trips  to Arakawa.

When it comes to the school work, I´ve kept my pace in the psychology course, so there´s just the final examination left, which is a home exam starting on the 19th this month. And even though I haven´t really read ahead in the Japanese course material, I have rehearsed all the kanji´s and I´ve studied more unrelated words instead.

When it comes to Japanese Dramas, I´ve just finished Hotaru no Hikari season 1, which is a drama that is more funny than sad, and the humour is really funny, and I´m just about to start on season 2:) Apart from that, My favorite kanji is Ashita, aka tomorrow which is written as 明日, aka Bright day:)


Laying in your arms is like the first snow, delicate yet takes my breath away~

the 11th will mark two things, first of all school start, as well as my third month here in Japan. A period that so far has been really good, honestly. And it feels as if it´ll just get better, it feels more homey. I wish my japanese language skills were better though but I´ll get there.

There´s another one and a half week left of our spring break, the days are pretty calm, I do try to study at least a little bit everyday when it comes to the Japanese, mainly by rehearsing lyrics, in order to pick up some words/kanji´s that I´m still not supposed to know.

Next year spells my return to Sweden, I´ve been exchanging some emails with some student counselors at my Uni(They were´t very helpful), nevertheless, the path that I´m on means language studies, ie Japanese and English until the bachelor´s requirements are fulfilled~ I´m not really frustrated over the idea of returning as I were before, I mean, my time at uni were actually something that I enjoyed, and I´m sure I can make something out of it. It´s not ideal but I´ll just have to make the best out of it~

These two songs basically represents what I´ve been listening to lately, the Korean version of 2NE1´s Go away is really good aswell, the MV is a lot more tragic. I watched In Time yesterday, a movie that I really recommend, with Amanda Seyfried and Justin Timberlake. It´s pretty unique~


Spring break ideas~

A month and a few days has passed since first comming here, things are good, better than they were, a clear head and the ever present smile with actual genuine happiness and pride behind it. And as always, I´ll include some of my favorite songs every here and there.

Sayonara daisukina hito~

There´s one month left until spring break, which takes place in mid march. Some has their eyes on traveling, both within and outside Japan, mine though, are fixed on something that I heard about from a friend here at the guest house, Volunteer work.

I´ve kind of just heard about it so nothings written in stone yet but I´m definetly going to make a run for it. I´ve done sorts of volunteer work before, the student union kind, which I loved, but it´s not really the kind that I´ve always pictured myself doing.

This would be for the restoration after the tsunami. As a teenager, I really wanted to volunteer at a crisis call center, with a focus on suicidal teens. which  quite frankly is something that I still want to do.

Breathe me

It´s now almost 3 am, 2 tests in school tomorrow that I´m not really worried about, but I do have to catch up on some psych reading due to the fact that I simply just couldn´t read it today,じかんがありませんから。

おやすみなさい、Love, Simon~