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Lately and Hiking.

Hi hi,

Taking a break from the studies to write a few lines. Currently reading Doraemon and then retelling it in writing. 2 out of the 3 courses had their starting date pushed up until next week, so I’ve just had the Manga course to deal with which really isnt that hard, but it’s not boring either so I do have that going for me.  I were planning on going to the ocean this weekend with Lin, but she spoke to an old colleague yesterday who apparently wants to go mountain climbing, so we’ll go along with that instead. I like hiking Japanese mountains though, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s still Winter though which might make it pretty cold:S.

It’s Friday today, which means my weekly treat of The Vampire Diaries, the Series is great, the books not so much, even though I love the other works of L.J Smith and is still anticipating her last book of the Nightworld Series. On another note, The indigo Spell is soon up for release(Bloodlines#3) , just a few more weeks.

The last week has been fairly depressing due to arguments between Lin and her parents, not sure how it will settle nor if it will.

I’ll write soon.


From here on.

I went shopping for textbooks yesterday, the spring term starts up next week. A term which will consist of 45hp(150%) of Japanese studies. With general Japanese, manga as well as shorter novels. I’ve never read a manga in my entire life and I can’t really say that I’m looking forward to it, but it’s a part of Japan so I guess I’ll have to give it a try. I’m much more looking forward to the next term which will be translations and things of that sort, unless I change my mind:). But this term will be fun as well, I’ll miss having a real campus to take the courses at though, since the spring term will be read on distance from Japan. Which makes the time difference a bit of an obstacle, the morning class in Sweden results in 6pm here in Japan, and the evening class ends up being 4am in Japan…

March will probably include a trip to Taiwan, we haven’t decided exactly yet but most likely. Lin wishes to stay in Taipei and I’d like to go to her hometown, in order to meet her family, which she’s still a bit reluctant to. Cultural differences can be great in some ways but this is definitely not one of them.

That’s it for today, I’ll write soon.

Perhaps I should just take a leap and hope for the best?

I´ve had to reflect over my life today, and tomorrow will be no different. I always plan ahead and I´m perfectly committed to having Japan as the end destination. The big question mark though is everything that lies between that goal and now.

The minimum requirement for a working visa here in Japan is a Bachelor´s Degree. Which leaves me with two options, either I get one here, or I get one back in Sweden.

First of all, if I were to go back to Sweden and finish my degree there, then that would mean that I could have it done within 2 years after ISI. Which means that in a little more than 3 years from now, I could be back here at ISI in Tokyo to brush up on the Japanese as I search for a full time job.

But this year that I´ll be spending here in Tokyo now was never meant to be just that. It was meant to be the first step towards everything that I´ve always wanted. If I were to just pack up and go back to Sweden next year then I´ll feel as if I´ve failed myself, and that is definitely not okay.

The other option would be to study at a University here in Japan, my concern here though is that Swedish Citizens are only allowed to take student loans for a maximum of 240 weeks, and due to my Uni studies from back in Sweden and after ISI, I´ll only have around 125 weeks left. And it´s simply just not possible to squeeze in 4 years at a university into those 125 remaining weeks of student loans. Being limited to 240 weeks is in my opinion a stupid rule, it feels as if they´re against people having dreams.

3 years might be doable, but that would mean that they´d have to validate my courses from my Swedish University, and therefore let me skip the first year and start directly from the second year. Which would be great, but that´s still anif, I´d have to pass some sort of test, and if that test is to test my knowledge of the previously done courses then that would scare me quite a bit.

The one thing that could actually excite me about finishing my studies in Sweden is to apply for an exchange program, and then study the last year abroad. Japan is unfortunately one of those places that are close to impossible to get placed in, but there are other places that I´d probably like, such as China, or maybe Korea.

It´s not really fair how the most logical path towards living in Japan would be to leave.

On another note, I´ll probably bleach my hair and color it pretty light/brunette in the not too far future. & the Photo is from Tokyofaces.com

With Love, Simon~

What´s next?

And I just idolize the way that you carry yourself~

Japanese music is the kind that I truly love, and I stick almost exclusively to it. But Katy McAllister is one of the few exceptions. She´s not really that well known though, which really is a pity.

Your heart is the sun, and the leaves are your soul.
Blowing, blowing through clouds,
Which are really just your dreams at night~

Life in Japan

I´m currently looking through the options for after ISI, the next step is to see which University courses from Sweden that are valid down here, since I technically have half a bachelors degree in the Swedish system that is currently “In Progress”.

It´s really hard to pick a major, the credits that I do have so far are spread out in everything from Business to literature, with Language & Religion inbetween.

I´d probably love to study something such as sociology in Japan, but I´m not even sure about the Japan part, I mean. if it was as simple as Japan or Sweden then I´d pick Japan in a heartbeat, but it´s more of a financial question. That´s the best part with Sweden, free university education.

Taken at Baba Station, 4 minutes from school on my way home.