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Moving to Chiba:)

Hii, somedays are really cold, which I suppose I should be able to handle due to being Swedish and all but the nights and evenings still get really cold.

I have a few things to share, and I´ll start with me moving to Chiba on friday this week, to live together with Rin which I´m really really glad over. When I first came to Japan in January this year I moved into the J&F House in Warabi, which I´ve lived at for the past 10 months now and it has been really great. due to all the people that I´ve had the chance to meet here. But never the less, I´m really glad over the fact of moving in with Rin.

To a cozy third floor mansion in Ichikawa, starting as I mentioned earlier, friday this week. I´d also like to point out that while Japan is more or less flawless from a tourists point of view, that it certainly not the case for those of us actually living here, but even so, there´s no other place I´d rather be at.

This is a song sung by Rola, a Japanese model which is also active in Japanese TV, who I found extremely funny, there´s plenty to be found on Youtube so please help yourself out.

School is geting harder and harder, but it´s still manageable, so there´s not that much new to write about it. Last week, I ended up having to work both Saturday and sunday, which resulted in me not getting a single day off. but fortunately there was a dance festival being held close to work which made it all worthwhile. It was so very beautiful and the spitting image of my view of Japan. I´m low on photo´s but I did record some video´s which I can not upload here:O

Even though Odaiba is pretty far from where I live, I still do love the fact that I work there, it´s one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo and there´s always something going on. I´m not a big fan of Cosplay but every Saturday and Sunday, there´s plenty of it going on all the way from my Work to the station.

I´m also going to YCN´s Little Saturday event this Wednesday in Shibuya, where I´ll finally get to meet some friends who I haven´t seen in a while.

It´s now 1am so I´ll sign off in order to get ready for tomorrow. I´ll write soon~