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Moving to Chiba:)

Hii, somedays are really cold, which I suppose I should be able to handle due to being Swedish and all but the nights and evenings still get really cold.

I have a few things to share, and I´ll start with me moving to Chiba on friday this week, to live together with Rin which I´m really really glad over. When I first came to Japan in January this year I moved into the J&F House in Warabi, which I´ve lived at for the past 10 months now and it has been really great. due to all the people that I´ve had the chance to meet here. But never the less, I´m really glad over the fact of moving in with Rin.

To a cozy third floor mansion in Ichikawa, starting as I mentioned earlier, friday this week. I´d also like to point out that while Japan is more or less flawless from a tourists point of view, that it certainly not the case for those of us actually living here, but even so, there´s no other place I´d rather be at.

This is a song sung by Rola, a Japanese model which is also active in Japanese TV, who I found extremely funny, there´s plenty to be found on Youtube so please help yourself out.

School is geting harder and harder, but it´s still manageable, so there´s not that much new to write about it. Last week, I ended up having to work both Saturday and sunday, which resulted in me not getting a single day off. but fortunately there was a dance festival being held close to work which made it all worthwhile. It was so very beautiful and the spitting image of my view of Japan. I´m low on photo´s but I did record some video´s which I can not upload here:O

Even though Odaiba is pretty far from where I live, I still do love the fact that I work there, it´s one of the most beautiful places in Tokyo and there´s always something going on. I´m not a big fan of Cosplay but every Saturday and Sunday, there´s plenty of it going on all the way from my Work to the station.

I´m also going to YCN´s Little Saturday event this Wednesday in Shibuya, where I´ll finally get to meet some friends who I haven´t seen in a while.

It´s now 1am so I´ll sign off in order to get ready for tomorrow. I´ll write soon~



Hi again, Just thought that I should share the last couple of days. I´m currently on Fall break, for about two weeks, the break is filled with some days of work and others of travels. Primarily Nikko that I´m going to with rin on Saturday for a few days, super excited.

Last weeks friday started off with my schools sports day, where we played dodgeball in Asakusa, it went good at first but in the end we ended up loosing, but it was fun anyway, I then went for a walk with my teacher and a few others from class before heading off to meet up with Rin and Emi.

We spent the evening in Ginza, Me and Rin did some window shopping as we waited for Emi to come, when she did we went to an adorable little bakery that a friend works at. Not anymore since she just switched jobs but I guess that´s irrelevant:o. Anyhow, the cakes were really good and I do love Ginza, We also got some gift baskets as we were about to leave with was really kind of her.

The next day was spent in Odaiba, with Rin of course, We did some shopping, well, a lot actually, primarily clothes but sweets as well, cheesecake, chocolate and tea. I also bought a jacket since it´s getting colder and colder here, Summer is long gone fall is under way, I also bought some shoes:)

It´s now monday, and I had a day off from work, so I was just out running and then I took a shower and got myself ready for tonight which will be the movies with Rin.

“But then the sun came up and reality set in”

Hi hi, it´s almost been a month and for that I suppose I´m sorry, not really but anyhow. There´s just a few days left of summer break, school starts again on Monday and until then I´m swamped with work, I´ve been working everyday lately and I will continue doing so up to and including Saturday.

Sunday will be my one day off before classes start again, a day that will be spent with a trip to an Aquarium with a japanese friend of mine, always wanted to go but my Aquarium plans has always seem to fall through so fingers crossed.

Summer break itself hasn’t really been that spectacular, there were a few sad days but apart from that it´s been okay, busy with work which is good considering that I have a neverending list of things that I want to buy, especially souvenirs and decorations for Sweden. I´m still trying to figure out as of when I should go back, school ends on the 21st of December and Sweden´s spring semester doesn´t start until around the 25th of January, so somewhere in between that window, I could make it home for christmas but that would mean an entire month just doing nothing in Sweden, I think that I´d rather work for a few more weeks here in Japan instead:S Which would mean me missing my first christmas ever..

I always went to see the Odaiba oHanabi with a few friends the other day! My second ohanabi here in Japan, they were both really beautiful and It´s a really great summer tradition.