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Work and the Movies~

Another week has almost passed so I´ll a few sentences regarding the highlights. First of all, as of last week, I´ve been working part-time at a hotel in the Tokyo Bay area, which would be my first part-time job here in Japan, happy:)

It´s named Hotel Trusty, Tokyo Bayside, and it´s the two tall buildings that are connected at the top. It´s very beautiful and so is the view from the rooms. My job falls under bed making so it´s nothing spectacular but work is work so I´m happy nonetheless.

Apart from school & work, It was a friends birthday the other day. And it was celebrated at a mexican styled restaurant where a few artists performed, one of them was The 9Miles, who I actually really like, the song below is by them~

I also went out to see the new Snow white movie with Emi the other day, so we went for dinner and then the movies, my favorite day of the week. Also my first time at the movies here in Japan,  I rarely ever go to the movies, even in Sweden. I guess I should though. If I remember correctly then my last time, before Snow White, was Avatar:o, but that must have been years ago.

Nevertheless, I did like the movie. Kirsten Stewart was great and I like the guy who plays Thor in Thor,  duh:)

I guess that would sum most of it up, Tomorrow will be spent with a trip to Ikea with Takuya, and probably something more afterwards. Saturday and Sunday means work, but just from the morning til hopefully not too late, so the nights are off, so Saturday night will be spent with Emi.