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The_OrphanageI had a presentation regarding orphans the other day which went really well. And I´ve also decided to use the same topic for my term paper. Not orphans in general but, the situation of the orphans living in Japan. Whom lives in a really flawed system where the majority are stuck in orphanages. In a society where adoption is shunned, and even shameful in some cases. I might write something more in-depth one day but I´ll leave that for later. I also found out that you can stream NHK World through this website, which is great if you´re interested in Japanese Tv (there´s english voiceover).  I also saw a documentary regarding the atomic bombs from that site the other day which I´m not sure what to think of.  To memorialize ones history is of course essential, but you can´t just pick and choose. one cannot ignore ones own horrific deeds. Nothing good will ever come out of that.

I saw the first episode of “Secret Garden” today, a Korean drama which seems really interesting, especially the music, I´ve been listening to it all day, even though I don´t understand a single word. But sometimes I really like that about music. Since you´ll still get the general tone of the music, and then you can just make up the rest in your head. I did that all the time before I learned to speak Japanese,