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KAGAYA-ison_fuji_1385182472_lgThere´s now less than a month left until christmas and I´m looking forward to spending this years christmas in Sweden since I spent last years in Japan. And there´s also another thing that I´ve been looking forward to for a very long time now, which would be Ison, the comet. apparently it´ll be clearly visible during most of December, so from any day now. I found this picture of Ison and Fuji for a few days ago that is just beautiful. Personally I know nothing of astronomy but, I´d love to learn how to at least find the constellations. I´m a Gemini by the way. which fits since I have the same birthday as my sister, even though we´re technically three years apart…

Lately I´ve been watching more episodes of the Tv show Vs 嵐(Vs arashi) than I ought to, but you really can´t get enough of Japanese humour imo. For those of you who don´t know, Vs Arashi is a Japanese game show where the band Arashi  competes against celebreties in a silly environment. it´s mostly against Japanese celebreties but people such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Will Smith etc have also starred.

I´ve also started watching the Korean drama Chuno, which is interesting since I know little about Korean history, it´s about 17th century(?) korean slave hunters if I were to sum it up in a misleading way. I´m also thinking about rewatching One Litre of Tears, which was the first Japanese drama that I´ve ever seen and also one of my top favorites. 

This song has nothing to do with any of the dramas I mentioned, but it is one of the very few rap songs that I actually like. I wish more rap would be like this, you know, with instruments.