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KAGAYA-ison_fuji_1385182472_lgThere´s now less than a month left until christmas and I´m looking forward to spending this years christmas in Sweden since I spent last years in Japan. And there´s also another thing that I´ve been looking forward to for a very long time now, which would be Ison, the comet. apparently it´ll be clearly visible during most of December, so from any day now. I found this picture of Ison and Fuji for a few days ago that is just beautiful. Personally I know nothing of astronomy but, I´d love to learn how to at least find the constellations. I´m a Gemini by the way. which fits since I have the same birthday as my sister, even though we´re technically three years apart…

Lately I´ve been watching more episodes of the Tv show Vs 嵐(Vs arashi) than I ought to, but you really can´t get enough of Japanese humour imo. For those of you who don´t know, Vs Arashi is a Japanese game show where the band Arashi  competes against celebreties in a silly environment. it´s mostly against Japanese celebreties but people such as Tom Cruise, Cameron Diaz and Will Smith etc have also starred.

I´ve also started watching the Korean drama Chuno, which is interesting since I know little about Korean history, it´s about 17th century(?) korean slave hunters if I were to sum it up in a misleading way. I´m also thinking about rewatching One Litre of Tears, which was the first Japanese drama that I´ve ever seen and also one of my top favorites. 

This song has nothing to do with any of the dramas I mentioned, but it is one of the very few rap songs that I actually like. I wish more rap would be like this, you know, with instruments.


A partly White Christmas

Hii, it´s now almost new years eve, which means that I´m less than 2 weeks from passing my 1 year mark in Japan. So I´ve more or less experienced the four seasons of Japan, and as a Swedish I´ll have to route for the total opposite, the Summer is in my opinion by far the best, everything else is freakishly cold. Without the snow which is the only benefit of it back in Sweden.

I spent a few days in Kansai with Rin during Christmas, which was really great, it was as short trip though, and we went to Osaka and Kyoto, and there was not that much time for exploring but we did the best we could. We bought some souvenirs, a tea set, some plates and cups and sweets, and a cute ceramic doll.

Christmas is celebrated on the 25th in Japan but since I´m Swedish, where it´s traditionally celebrated on the 24th, we decided to do all the christmasy on the eve of the 24th, the same day that we returned to Tokyo on. With some Swedish food and alcohol, and the usual gift giving. It was a really good evening. And we did actually get a white christmas, not completely white but the morning was spent in Osaka and it did start to snow as we left Osaka Castle:) Which was the first snow that Rin has ever seen in person which resulted in her laughing like a child which was hilarious:)

I wish I could upload some pictures, but they´re on Lin´s Cell Phone and she went back to Taiwan today, to visit her family which is great, but it also means that I´m stuck here alone for a little more than a week.


I graduated from ISI on the 21st this month, I suppose that I should write some extensive review but I do have some mixed feelings so I´ll see what I do. But I would like to point out that as far as the teachers go and the education in general, I couldn´t really be happier, and I was lucky enough to be with a teacher named Hihara for 9 fantastic months, and a farewell party that I couldn´t have been happier with.

There was also a school trip to Kamakura for quite a while ago that I did not write about. It wasnt my first time going there so I decided not to write about it. I went there for a few months ago for the first time with Rin. But I had a great time with my class as well, a really good time actually.









Due to the fact that I´ve graduated from ISI, I´m now on holiday until my uni courses picks up again around the 21st of January, I can no longer work part time in Japan since I´m no longer an international students which is a bit sad but I will make a living in here in Japan with Rin until further notice, the uni courses are distance courses and all so that´s not a problem. It just leaves me with a lot of time on my hands until the Uni starts back up again, especially until Rin comes back home here.

Which means that I´ve burried myself in Dramas lately, and this is a clip from one of my favorite ones.

I´ll keep in touch.


Its now been three weeks since we moved to Chiba, we got internet for about a week ago but I’ve had my hands full so I haven’t written until now. The apartment is starting to look really good, we bought furniture and a bit of everything at Ikea the day after we moved, and then there’s decorations that has been bought from various places in Japan.

This is one of my favorite artists, and the song 小さな恋のうた which is another of hers is one of my favorites during Karaoke, which unfortunately I haven’t been at for weeks:(

The weekend means JLPT, first time for me. But Im sure it’ll be fine, how hard can it be? I’ve decided not to stress over it, I’ll either pass or I won’t, there’s not much more then that to it.

We booked the flights and hotels and all of that for Christmas for a little while ago. Christmas, at least the day we celebrate it on in Sweden, which would be the 24th will be spent in Osaka, we’ll go to Kyoto on the 21st and head back to Tokyo on the 25th. Its my first time anywhere in Kansai but I’m looking forward to it together with Rin.

The 21st also means my last day at ISI, my Language school, almost been a year now kana..

“But then the sun came up and reality set in”

Hi hi, it´s almost been a month and for that I suppose I´m sorry, not really but anyhow. There´s just a few days left of summer break, school starts again on Monday and until then I´m swamped with work, I´ve been working everyday lately and I will continue doing so up to and including Saturday.

Sunday will be my one day off before classes start again, a day that will be spent with a trip to an Aquarium with a japanese friend of mine, always wanted to go but my Aquarium plans has always seem to fall through so fingers crossed.

Summer break itself hasn’t really been that spectacular, there were a few sad days but apart from that it´s been okay, busy with work which is good considering that I have a neverending list of things that I want to buy, especially souvenirs and decorations for Sweden. I´m still trying to figure out as of when I should go back, school ends on the 21st of December and Sweden´s spring semester doesn´t start until around the 25th of January, so somewhere in between that window, I could make it home for christmas but that would mean an entire month just doing nothing in Sweden, I think that I´d rather work for a few more weeks here in Japan instead:S Which would mean me missing my first christmas ever..

I always went to see the Odaiba oHanabi with a few friends the other day! My second ohanabi here in Japan, they were both really beautiful and It´s a really great summer tradition.




It´s now three weeks til Christmas and even two more of that until I´m back on my weekly dose of The Vampire Diaries, There´s already been a month since the mid-season break and there´s yet another one to come.

I´d be more than happy for christmas if I were to be told that Rebekah(きれい) was in the series for the long run. I would hate to see her disappear.

And If I´m now to jump onto the subject of me, then I´d have to say that the Japanese studies are moving forward as always. Even better now actually since I´ve dropped an unnecessary course.

“Unnecessary” is quite an overstatement though, Since I´ll have to compensate for the missed ECTS with an extra course this spring within Youth, Sexuality and (I don´t remember the third word>.<).

Anywho, the rest of this evening will be dedicated to decorating my walls with another 16 pictures within the theme of Japan. Which strange as it is, isn´t really that present in my room:S Which now brings the total amount of pictures on my wall up to around 160, Not sure when I´m gonna cross the line between “tightly organized” and just plain messy.

Random fact, My favorite word within the Japanese Language: Tadaima
Until next time, Sayonara.