Picture time.

I know that I said Hiking in my last post, which is what we both thought it would at least be some of but it ended up with traditionally Japanese fashioned, oh I dont know, 5 course dinner? At a little places which lies at the base of the mountain(Takao san). It was four of us, Me, Lin, an old co-worked or hers and his wife. They’re a bit elderly so we stuck to the gardens instead of hiking the mountain itself, which led to some inappropriate clothing on me and Lin’s part:).

The dinner was really great, Mainly focused on chicken which it was apparently famous for but the Sashimi was great as well. I’ve included a lot of pictures, although most of them are not from Takao San but instead a bunch of pictures which I have not shared yet from our Christmas in Kansai, Osaka and Kyoto.

I’ll switch the topic now, to the drama which I am currently watching. Which would be Last Resort, an American Drama which I actually really like. It’s not my bread and butter, Which would be Japanese dramas, but It’s been great so far. still a lot to go though.

I went to Minami Sunamachi with Lin yesterday which lies just a few stations away from our place. Arakawa(a river) runs through it, the same river that ran past the place that we used to live at as well, but on the other side of Tokyo. It runs out into the ocean over there and it lies really close to Tokyo Disneyland as well. We went for a walk along it and then to an apartment store. Where we ate at a “Lin Approved” Taiwan restaurant. followed by some shopping, mostly irrelevant but fun to have things. I got a small earth globe, and two small bags and a few other things.


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