Lately and Hiking.

Hi hi,

Taking a break from the studies to write a few lines. Currently reading Doraemon and then retelling it in writing. 2 out of the 3 courses had their starting date pushed up until next week, so I’ve just had the Manga course to deal with which really isnt that hard, but it’s not boring either so I do have that going for me.  I were planning on going to the ocean this weekend with Lin, but she spoke to an old colleague yesterday who apparently wants to go mountain climbing, so we’ll go along with that instead. I like hiking Japanese mountains though, so I’m looking forward to it. It’s still Winter though which might make it pretty cold:S.

It’s Friday today, which means my weekly treat of The Vampire Diaries, the Series is great, the books not so much, even though I love the other works of L.J Smith and is still anticipating her last book of the Nightworld Series. On another note, The indigo Spell is soon up for release(Bloodlines#3) , just a few more weeks.

The last week has been fairly depressing due to arguments between Lin and her parents, not sure how it will settle nor if it will.

I’ll write soon.


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