Hello, It’s now the first day out of the three day holiday due to Monday being a national holiday for reasons unknown to me, makes little difference to me due to the fact that I’m off until the 21st but Lin enjoys it. Today will be spent with a trip to Shimokitazawa with Rin to meet up with a friend. I’ve never been there But it’s supposed to be a great place for the younger generations.

Another song which Rola participates in, I’ve mentioned her before but she’s my second favorite Japanese celebrity so there’s no harm in doing it twice.

I’ve been looking forward to seeing The Hobbit for quite a while now, which is exactly what we’ll do tomorrow. I remember reading the book while I were still in Middle school or something, I never finished it though but I did enjoy it. And while we’re on the topic of books, I’ll just share that I started reading Rapture yesterday, the last of The Fallen series, a great series which I really recommend.

I saw this picture on DA for a while ago which I really liked, Made by ArdenEllenNixon.

Going out for a walk soon so I’ll stop for now, take care.


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