We´re now two days into 2013, a year that will start with a pretty long holiday up until the Uni courses starts back up on the 21st. From then I´ll do my very best to get ahead in the Japanese studies, which I really don´t think is going to be a problem.


New years eve was really great, except for the fact that Lin is still in Taiwan for a few more days. But apart from that I had a really good time, spent at a friend’s house in Nakano. A few friends for my old guest house were also there and I met a lot of new people as well so it was great.

We did the usual things, by going to Shrines and eating Soba and things of that sort. Soba is a sort of noodles which is eaten for it´s long length, a metaphor for a long life. We stayed up all night, and then we went to the roof top a few minutes before 6 am in order to meet 2013´s first rays of sunlight,

Today is the first Wednesday of the month which is usually celebrated with a “Little Saturday” event(A Swedish thing..) thrown by YCN, which was unfortunately moved until next weeks Wednesday. Which is a shame since I wanted to bring a Swedish friend who´s traveling in Japan at the moment with me, but I guess we´ll just have to figure out something else to do.


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