Its now been three weeks since we moved to Chiba, we got internet for about a week ago but I’ve had my hands full so I haven’t written until now. The apartment is starting to look really good, we bought furniture and a bit of everything at Ikea the day after we moved, and then there’s decorations that has been bought from various places in Japan.

This is one of my favorite artists, and the song 小さな恋のうた which is another of hers is one of my favorites during Karaoke, which unfortunately I haven’t been at for weeks:(

The weekend means JLPT, first time for me. But Im sure it’ll be fine, how hard can it be? I’ve decided not to stress over it, I’ll either pass or I won’t, there’s not much more then that to it.

We booked the flights and hotels and all of that for Christmas for a little while ago. Christmas, at least the day we celebrate it on in Sweden, which would be the 24th will be spent in Osaka, we’ll go to Kyoto on the 21st and head back to Tokyo on the 25th. Its my first time anywhere in Kansai but I’m looking forward to it together with Rin.

The 21st also means my last day at ISI, my Language school, almost been a year now kana..


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