Hi again, Just thought that I should share the last couple of days. I´m currently on Fall break, for about two weeks, the break is filled with some days of work and others of travels. Primarily Nikko that I´m going to with rin on Saturday for a few days, super excited.

Last weeks friday started off with my schools sports day, where we played dodgeball in Asakusa, it went good at first but in the end we ended up loosing, but it was fun anyway, I then went for a walk with my teacher and a few others from class before heading off to meet up with Rin and Emi.

We spent the evening in Ginza, Me and Rin did some window shopping as we waited for Emi to come, when she did we went to an adorable little bakery that a friend works at. Not anymore since she just switched jobs but I guess that´s irrelevant:o. Anyhow, the cakes were really good and I do love Ginza, We also got some gift baskets as we were about to leave with was really kind of her.

The next day was spent in Odaiba, with Rin of course, We did some shopping, well, a lot actually, primarily clothes but sweets as well, cheesecake, chocolate and tea. I also bought a jacket since it´s getting colder and colder here, Summer is long gone fall is under way, I also bought some shoes:)

It´s now monday, and I had a day off from work, so I was just out running and then I took a shower and got myself ready for tonight which will be the movies with Rin.


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