The 6 month mark and Kamakura

Today, July the 10th marks my first half-year here in Japan, 6 months that has gone by ridiculously fast and each and every one of them is filled with their fair share of memories, I figured that I should share two events that happened recently, one being the trip to Kamakura and Yokohama, and two being the day before yesterday´s dinner party with some Japanese friends who I couldn´t be happier over having.

June the 30th was spent with my friend Kaku in Kamakura followed by Yokohama, We left really early in the morning and we were´t home until late, Kamakura lies along the ocean, which was one of the areas that I liked the most, but there´s also plenty of temples to visit, we went to three and they were all really beautiful, one of them is the home of the famous giant buddha statue that can be seen in some of the pictures below.

After Kamakura, we took the train to Yokohama, which lies directly below Tokyo. We first visited China Town which was really beautiful at dusk. We ate some Chinese food which I love, I´m awful at remembering the names though but I do love Chinese cooking over Japanese:) After China Town, we went to the river side where you can see the ferries wheel and everything.

Last weekend was spent at a Japanese friend named Atsuko´s house in Chiba, with a group of friends who I´ve been meeting a lot for the past 2 months since I first met them.

It was a “hot dog party”,  But we all brought a little bit of everything and then we had a really great day:) I came with some grapes and cherries for dessert.

The photo below is of Asami trying to teach me a song on the flute, it was confusing but I got it eventually:)

I´ll include the gallery below, in no particular order at all what so ever, and I´m sorry for barely writing anything lately:)


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