Aun J


Today has been a really great day, I had the usual school up until 5, then I were off with a friend towards the heart of Tokyo. There was a live concert of the orchestra named Aun J playing today which we were invited to, so of course off we went. I´ll have to revisit the area some other time since I still haven´t been to the Imperial Park yet, but I´ll leave that for another time.

Aun J is a Classical Orchestra, in a japanese fashion. I can´t even for the life of me name any of the instruments but I really do find them charming and it was really beautiful to listen to. They´re also very humorous, there was one passage where they played their respective instruments but on their smartphones instead, just for the irony in it:)

I took some photos which are included down below, and after the concert was done I of course bought one of their works and had it signed:) Which makes it my first CD bought in Japan, signed and all:) happy.


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