Evening, today is the first week of Haru yasumi, there´s not that much planned but I´ll take the days as they come and at least make something out of each and every one of them~

I saw an adorable blanket at Donkey today that I really want, it as a pink/black/white proper tiger blanket, that was unfortunately just decorative for the sofa that they had on display:S Apart from that, I went jogging during the morning, and the evening was spent tidying up the room and rearranging things, it looks a bit more spacious and prettier now~

This is another of Kaya´s songs, my third favorite artist here in Japan. I get that it might not be everyone´s cup of tea but I find him amazing regardless~

And here´s an entry from Tokyofaces.com, that I find really beautiful so I just feel like including it~

I´m still longing for Wednesday, for my appointment with Momo san @ Watanabe´s. 

Love, Simon~


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